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Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Christophe Berton, Feb 13, 2008.

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    Q1 2008

    PC Windows XP, Windows Vista


    MOTORM4X is our debute project which we are working on since July 2006 and is supposed to be released in Q1 2008 for very friendly price.

    We honestly hope to bring original ideas packaged into fancy graphics with great technologies together with challenging gameplay. We are doing our best to make the game to be fun for mainstream players as well as hard-core off-road fans, who can utilize features like diff-lock, 4WD and their real-world driving skills.

    MOTORM4X is a game with a different and original concept, especially when talking about racing games. The big thing about it is that it does not look and work just like an ordinary racing game. This game is about you and your car, it is about driving. Driving just where and when you want. The structure of racing events is partially non-linear, and although there are still some „line making events“, the overall feeling of it is that player has a complete freedom of choice, which we think is quite important for an off-raod game. Would you like to take a free ride across the country? No problem – just select a vehicle you like or can afford and you are ready to go. If you prefer green alpine pastures and forests, ice cold plains of Arctic Circle, or rocky steeps full of red sand, this game is just the right choice for you. It is all here, waiting for your skills to explore and conquer.


    • 3 spacious areas to explore – Alps, Alaska and Rocky Desert
    • 10 all-terrain vehicles with individual attributes and potential
    • Bonus cars of a very special kind
    • 4 different race types:
    • Race - lap based race against AI opponents
    • Longrun - rally-style time trial
    • Pathfinder - proove your skills to find the fastest way
    • Trial - will test your driving abilities in dangerous terrain
    • Destructible vehicles, equipment and environment
    • Customizable cars and upgrades
    • Changing weather and temperature conditions
    • Refreshing free ride and garage where you can repair the car
    • Ingame career
    • Big navigation screen for your convenience
    • Freedom of choice, great racing and outdoor experience
    • Cars getting dirty – dirt, snow, sand and mud
    • SpeedTree 4 RT license (Over 5.000 trees in one area)
    • Dynamic Grass and other effects (such as falling leafs)
    • Postproduction filters and motion blur
    • Shader-based car paint and water with Fresnel
    • Vertex and Pixel Shaders (Shader Model 2.0 required)
    • Coloured Shadows with Radiosity
    • Superior Car Physics
    • Based on ingenious Ogre engine
    • Built also on custom Vampire engine




    Official site


    Look nice. I like 4x4. I think i am going to buy this game. What do you think about this game
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Nice thread, thanks for that but the movies dont seem to work C.Burton
  3. This could be a funny game to play TBH :happy:
  4. the movies work fine for me.

    I think it become a good 4x4 game. I dont know an other 4X4 game, lol.
  5. I truly hope it will be out soon, Looks great to play :happy:
  6. i found a new ingame screen

  7. Hmm it's.... Blurry :happy:
  8. new screens
  9. release date has been moved to Q2 2008

    a post of the community forum of The Easy Company:

    We still have issues to resolve. It's going well, but still a bit 
    slower than we anticipated. Game will be finished at the end of April and 
    release date is completely up to our publisher. However, we will soon 
    release some PR on the web - so check there. I can't tell you any more 
    right now. I know that waiting can become boring, but we want this game 
    to be as flawless as possible, I'm sure you understand that. Stay tuned!