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Motorcycle Community Videogame

Discussion in 'MotoGP 16' started by Jonix, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Hello, I will re-open this thread in VRTG section.

    Original thread in MotoGP 15 Section here http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/motogp-community-videogame-just-some-thoughts.122666/

    Last motnh I read a book on c# language, and started to explore XNA Framework.
    It would be fun to code a game in XNA, but I guess it would take longer than doing it with an Engine.

    I will go on with Unreal Engine 4, I've started watching tutorials. The thing that bothers me is that it needs C++ language, which I already "studied" a bit some years ago, but I like C# more.

    More to come
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  2. Great Jonix , Just Great. You already know you can count with the MotoGP community here to talk , or help (if he can) in everything you need , I think we all have this dream in some moments of our life :D
    Kepp up focus on this :thumbsup:
    btw My last thought was What if Kunos (AC) could made bikes or port bikes , just my imagination :roflmao:
  3. No they will not, Kunos makes great car sims, but they "only" have (a great) experience with car, not bikes
  4. So here is some updates. I have been watching "UE4 massive tutorial series" and learned some things. I keep doing that...

    Today I wrote down some ideas, about how to create and object that behaves like a motorbyke

    it's pretty simple, the proble is that I am not an engineer nor I have ever ridden a motorcyle :(

    Click on image to enlarge it
    Let me know

    P.P.S. I know the lean in the picture is not 60┬░...I forgot to adjust it after I wrote everything
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  5. book: Motorcycle dynamics by Vittore Cossalter
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  6. Yeah looks pretty amazing but I can't spend 50$ for that book
    I will try to find an alternative
  7. Well, maybe if you find someone who ride bikes...
    I'm a weekend rider and i know some tips, but i can talk more about the feeling of ride than the dynamics involved :D
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  8. Do you have to turn to the opposite way when entering a corner?
    I just read that..
    To turn left, you have to turn to the right and the bike will lean to the left
    EDIT:not like you keep turning to the opposite direction, just during corner entry
  9. it's exactly so, you must turn left your handlebars only a little if want turn right, moving body out of right side of the bike in stand, and opening right leg when leaning to control the amount of the lean during the corner,
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  10. It will be a pain to implement all this :O
    Thanks for your support to the thread
  11. i have read the topic but i' have not exactly understand what you want to do, i'm italian english is not my language,ok you want to made from scratch an entire phisic model of the game like i have seen years ago? (don't remenber the name of the bike game) ok i can help you maybe have ride bikes loooong time ago if yet remenber something glad to help :)
  12. I'm italian too :p
    The game you are talking about is GPBikes, developed by Piboso. Its physics is really good...but I don't like it!

    I want to make something closer to rfactor for bikes.

    PM me when you have time
    Mandami un messaggio privato quando hai tempo
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  13. Okay I made this, please correct me if I wrote something stupid
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    My next questions are: could you describe
    1)how do you control how much you lean? 2)How do you corner-exit?
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  14. I used to race Motorcycles . Keith Code , find some stuff on him , there is bound to be heaps of free stuff.
    You control the amount of lean by the pushing and pulling of the handlebars . Example - to turn Right : Push right hand bar forward while pulling on the left hand bar , at the same time bending the right arm and stretching the left arm open , moving your head down toward the right and locking your knee in to the tank on the left and letting the right knee dangle for imminent knee scraping haha.
    Pushing and pulling the handlebars is called Counter Steering. You don't steer the bike towards the corner , it is always counter steering . Once the bike is turned in the right direction it is just a matter of holding on and counter steering any small adjustments
  15. I got it for free, I rent it from my University Library. It's almost complete to have an overall idea on how a bike behave
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  16. this should give you some in sight, its very entertaining..

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  17. Thank you!!! Is that Julian Ryder speaking?? Sounds a lot like him... (MotoGP commentator on BtSport2)
  18. mmm, yea hehe, sounds like him. those parts look like they copy and pasted it.
  19. compliments swaty it' very useful video, explain very well the learning to drive and the tecnicque to riding,
    only one thing to remenber,ride a roadbike is completly different to ride a motorbike on circuit, the tecnique is once similar but for example my tecnicque of ride is complete obsolete according today, not for drive itself but to ride faster, i used to ride with upper part of body rotate according the corner remaining upper with shoulders today this would be unstable, but i rode bike on circuits in '80s ahahah other example i use to rode only with front brake the rear was only to spin a little on middle of the corner, today with this tecnicque i can not leaning in every corner, everytime stright one ahahaah also if with today's brakes you can stop in a very reduced space. everytime i play with those videogame forget to brakes with rear and always crashed ahahaha but sill learnig :)