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Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by Lucky John, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. I just got the game and am doing a Moto3 career with all aids on on "normal" AI difficulty. I downloaded with game with all available DLCs from Steam.
    1. I do not see ANY button or any other way to view replays. Someone on a Steam forum said you can only view replays after a race but, even then, there is no way I can see to do so. I should think you'd be able to see several sifferent camera angle replays at any time like every other racing sim
    2. Is it me or are the AI riders in Moto3 unrealistcally aggressive? I have had to retire after big crashes first 3 races of the season after being whacked into from behind. (Of course I wasn't able to view any replays to see exactly what happened.)
    3. Speaking of retirement...it seems very arcady for one to have a crash and then just hop right back up on the bike. Is this just the settings level I am playing at or is it a BIG flaw in the game that bikes to not get badly damaged and/or riders hurt to register DNFs (instead of retirements). I have elected to retire after big crashes to keep it realistic.
    4. Last, there seems to be so few reterments at the settings level I am playing at - does that change with more difficult levels?
  2. 1) where the finishing screen pops up along the bottom there is a list of F keys you press for certain things. "F1" will start the replay.
    2) the AI riders are aggressive in all classes. Tho they are much better than in 13.
    3&4) It's a game not a sim so it's instant back at it. The AI will occasionally get penalties and break downs but not every race.
  3. "finishing screen?" you mean after a race? If so I only get one for replay and one for proceed. No in-game replays?
  4. Alas no in game \ practice replay that I know of only race one.All Milestones games are like that MXGP to name one.
  5. I have choosen the latest helmet you can choose. In the garage and in the cutscenes is the texture right. But in the race it looks like -> see picture.

    What is that?

    Btw, this game is so ****in' buging. I hope in the next time a Patch is underway.

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  6. rkh


    happens from time to time...go back to main menu. reload career. works fine...
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  7. could be a top game. is still ****.