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Motogp13 much better than motogp14

Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by markus198103, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. I was waiting and looking forward to motogp14...
    But now i decide to play motogp13 again and try to find some 2014 mods for this game, because the new 2014 game is a big ****.
    it would be better for milestone to keep physics , grafics and sounds from motogp13 , and dont try to convert it to next generations games.
  2. I much prefer the 2014 game, more responsive physics and more refined AI in my opinion
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  3. Sound was a little bit better on 13 but I think that everything else us better on 14. It just needs a patch to fix all the bugs ... :thumbsdown:
  4. Ok, and you like the new sound of motogp bikes? Sounds like a 250ccm from a few years ago....
    Same with grafics, not sharp and to much stuttering @ high resolution .... with high end hardware.

    Maybe there will be some patch in the future for that, but now its not fun to play for me.
  5. I've said that I don't like the sound, especially Honda sound. Graphics is good on great Video cards, but for mortals like me it's just normal graphics