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Motogp won't detect my GFX card!!

Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by Technique, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    Out of all the games that I possess, Motogp from Milestone is the only game that--for some awkward reason--can't detect my Nvidia GFX card and decides to choose my Intel 4600 graphics on board card instead -.-. I had the same issue with Motogp 13 but I could still play the game regardless of the lack of proper shadows, but now with MotoGp 14?!? It's pretty annoying because when I tried to run the game for test purposes (which I inevitably knew would fail anyway) it shows a heavy decrease in fluidity and performance and that's a bummer because I have a heavy NVIDIA card in my laptop that can run Battlefield 4, COD Ghosts and WatchDogs smoothly--waiting for me to play this awesome game--so you guys know how annoyed I must feel.

    I need help from some experts in the field. I've already tried several options with Motogp 13 months ago, by trying to disable my on board card in the BIOS (which I discovered I couldn't execute because I use a laptop) and I tried triggering some hardcore gfx settings via NVIDIA control panel but that also didn't work, the game won't show up in GFExperience and that's odd. There must be a way that the game must allow me to choose my Nvidia GFX card in the launcher, right?

    I'm looking forward to some solutions.

    Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:
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  2. panande


    There is an option for that in the launcher. In the left corner of the video settings you should be able to choose the right card. If that doesnt work, heres another solution: Open the nVidia system control (Right click on your desktop, it is in the middle of the list) and then access the 3D preferences. Then you choose MotoGP14 in the dropdown list, or if it isnt already there, you have to search the 2.exe files in the game folder and add them manually.
    And now there should be a button where you can select the preferred gfx card for the game. PM me if you need further assistance ;)
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  3. It works like a charm. You sir are awesome!
  4. panande


    Glad I could help :D Have fun with the game as we all do. And if the game looks a bit crappy (Because YEBIS2 blurs the textures) just go back into the settings and set the Texture Filtering to 16x. Then every texture should be razorblade sharp ^^
  5. The weird thing though, I had to do un-check V-Sync and High Quality AFX in order for the game to run smooth and to look great, the only downside I experience is the random massive drops in FPS when I'm racing a grand prix.

    The game is great and it has great potential, hopefully Milestone can resolve the general issues with a upcoming patch.
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  6. panande


    Yeah Milestone games are like a lamp with a milky shade. It shines brighter if you destroy the shade lol :D
  7. I did some tweaking here and there and I am finally able to play the game with High Quality AFX and V-sync activated, matter-fact, I don't experience FPS drops anymore which is an amazing experience (*σᴗσ). With AFX on I only experience some minor lags in the main menu, but that's something I really don't care about. The game works smooth when I race and or do time trials. I can finally enjoy the infinite beauty of Yebis ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )
  8. what do you do?
  9. I just tweaked some configurations in the NVIDIA control panel which allows me to play the game on ULTRA settings. It really depends what video card you have though.
  10. I have gtx780. What setting do you use please? I have stuttering with fullscreen even I get 60 fps nad 60hz and I use windowed mode.
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  11. If you have the GTX708 than go to control panel and try maximize all of your settings, also, test both 32BIT and 64BIT Launchers and differentiate between the two of them. (Note: check AFX and V-Sync)
  12. Even I use all you say, I have stuttering in Fullscreen. Is horrible! Even I use the new textures uploaded on this motogp 14 forum.
  13. Then I recommend you to use the game without AFX ONLY and wait for a patch from Milestone. Btw, how much gb does your video card have? Mine has 4 gb.
  14. 3 gb
  15. Your card is strong enough to handle Motogp 14, even with AFX on so the issue lies within the game. Hopefully a patch will fix this issue soon as I know a lot of people with very strong video cards have issues with this game. Even though I might be able to play 'smoothly', it still can be better. For what I've seen on the PS4, this game lacks so much on the PC and that shouldn't be the case.
  16. realitychecked


    I don't get this AFX thing, I've never seen in any other game before. Can you explain it? Oh, and what about a GTX 650, is it good enough for the game?
  17. Basically Motogp 14 has a new graphic engine developed by Silicon Studios called YEBIS 2. Habitually you will notice the YEBIS graphics in game but with AFX on it will add some solid bloom and sunny reflections on the bikes and riders, that's about it! Unnecessary and heavy effects that eat almost 3 gigs of RAM, not even GRID 2 or F1 does that lol.

    Maybe, the GTX 650 is sandwiched between the minimum and requirement specs so I think with your card you can possibly play the game on high settings, but without the AFX! (You won't miss anything though, the game looks very beautiful, with or without AFX)
  18. *updated*
  19. I have same problems,( use GT 630M) but tried to any method have same problem especially setting control panel > manage 3d setting > select program (exe) to customized > preffered High Nvidia Graphic Performance...:thumbsdown:

    help me please..:(
  20. yeah now problem with disappeared GT630M already fixed...
    the steps is:
    1. on a desktop, go to screen resolution, make one display clon with click > detect. in secon display which is you creat it, on display toggle click display dricer on VGA ( there is any Graphic card, such as mine GT630M) an click it, on the toggle multiple display >> extended display > apply ( and when your monitor is blip, that gone work ).

    2. open your game (.exe) do you have and check video setting. is there Graphic Card is showing up.


    3. if yes, enjoy it...

    this is diferent post,,
    in my case, after doing the steps, my graphic already showing up, just the new problem coming. when I play MotoGP 14 with GT630M for sure, the window can't full screen, and i consider to update driver ( now i use 370.48 ), any some increased performance, after testing with fraps, it show 21-35 FPS, but with that value, MotoGP 14 that I'm played not so smooth, sound and graphic like a laging, I do no why..

    so I post this experience, to all of you, so you can do it your self, and how that works?? i wondering, if same problem with me

    ps: sorry if my english confuse you..
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