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Mods MotoGP Real Photo Mod 1.0

Real photos of riders and bikes of 2016

  1. Jan Volenec submitted a new resource:

    MotoGP Real Photo Mod - Real photos of riders and bikes of 2016

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  2. Hi Jan,

    very good idea but it doesn't work for me using Mixfile Remixer, i've tried with the 3 options (moto gp08, sbk08, sbk09), when i open the game i have no picture for Drivers and Motorbikes ... did you try your work ?
    Can you help me please ?
    Thierry from France
  3. It works for me and I know someone had the same problem that MixFile Remixer did not work for them anymore.. Im using standard SBK-X/V8 option and it works ... Sorry but I dont have any other idea... :/ but althought, thanks for your opinion and wish you will solve it.
  4. Sorry guys,
    Please, could you explain me, how i can implement this mod into the game?
    Thamks if smone help me