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MotoGP Physics Mod 2.0

faster AI / variable Player

  1. PRo


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    MotoGP Physics Mod v1 - faster AI / variable Player

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  2. there´s a bug in the garage...can´t change bike settings,because the setting don´t show up...the engineer doesn´t appear...so i can´t change anything on the bike...!!
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  3. rkh


    no need to change anything...lol. all the same bikes. I am sure it will be fixed and then you can do all the setup changes and once u found a setup u can use it for all bikes...since they are all ART. Whatever purpose that serves...
  4. PRo


    I just tested in a GP race with 4DATA.MIX and it works. What DATA file did you use and in what mode (GP race, championship or career)?

    The base physics file for all player mods is the factory Yamaha/Honda/Ducati one (they're the same). From fastest to slowest I decreased the torque and some other tweaks.

    I forgot to mention that I made the qualification times irrelevant (bigger), some riders unavailable (forced missing DLC behaviour) to have max 22/23 in each 2015 class and also activated unlimited rewinds.
  5. PRo


    They're not all ART per se, just all the same per mod, and they're all derived from the manufactory bikes physics.
    The purpose is that in career mode it doesn't matter on what bike you are, you just have to choose what player mod you like for each track before starting the game.
  6. Sorry I don't get the point of this mod. Why should all the bikes be the same? Isn't the fascination of MotoGP that you have to deal with all the different characters of he bikes? And that every bike has its own handling and little nuances that you need to learn to drive faster?
  7. PRo


    Say you're in career mode and want to keep the same team/bike throughout a championship. Having the same physics for that bike, for some tracks you may be too fast for the AI and in others too slow. Using this mod you can stay with the same team/bike throughout the championship and depending on the track change the mod to have as close racing as possible with the AI for each race. This could've been accomplished differently by keeping the same different player physics in each mod but having different AI levels to choose for each circuit. But since there's not so much room to tweak the AI to go faster I opted to do it this way.
  8. a "thanks" (to me) for the 999 rewinds would have been appreciated....
  9. PRo


    As far as I know my unlimited rewinds has nothing to do with some 999 rewinds. I even made a separate thread in the general section instructing how it's done before this physics mod.
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  10. You are right, and i apologize.
  11. PRo


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    more mods and better tested

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  12. I can't see the engineer, mod is really good. But I can't even change tyres..so it's hard to do full race or even 50% because standard tyres are soft and the wear is too much to finish the race