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Mods MotoGp, Moto2 and Moto3 Real Performance and Q Lap Times 1.3.2

MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 Real Performance and Q Lap Times Mod

  1. Pole46 submitted a new resource:

    Moto2 Real Performance - Moto2 and/or Moto3 Real Performance

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  2. Great job for the race fights and race results, but qualify times are too close to each other (15 drivers within 0.3/0.4 seconds... (some drivers differ for only 0.003 seconds...)
  3. It is the only way to get different results in the race and in qualifying. To have more gap (more real), there would always be the same positions in qualifying. In moto2 the qualifying Gap is more real then moto3.
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  4. for me ia need 300 more fast (in moto 2)
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  5. Now I did only moto3 on dry because I have not much time, but I will do moto3, moto2 and motogp on dry and wet.
  6. It is written in the version and in the description, however in this week I will be the complete file
  7. In this mod the fast is the same as the original, I don't change the fast, I modified the pace and I insert the real lap times in the other my mod (that isn't full). In this mod there is only the pilots performance not the real times
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    Moto2 and Moto3 Real Performance and Q Lap Times

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  9. Sorry, but MotoGP is really included? I did not play with it yet (much lag on my PC when playing with AI) but by the times in DB_IDEALTRACKSTIMES, losail still with 1:52 and the pole was 1:54...
  10. Thnk you for sharing your work , I like how the race is going ;) , but MY PERSONAL Experience is the qualy is too fast for AI example=
    Moto3 Mugello AI qualy 1:56:XXX (is too fast) which is imposible get that time, and in race best lap AI 2:01:XXX and others 2:02:XXX which is more accesible get that time , if you know what I mean , and this is happen in many races , I dont know if is me , or you notice this too, The race is really funny to race which I like it, and thank you for your work :), btw is my opinion
  11. The game is very easy and in the race the drivers go slow for now, so in qualifying go very strong, even starting last one in the grido is easy to win so it's not a big problem if they go very fast in qualifying (the timing of qualifying are the real moto2 and moto3). In MotoGP I have only improved the times of 4 tracks (assen for example), the others tracks times are better than real qualifyng times (as in Qatar 2 seconds stronger in qualifying than real), but the game is already easy, is useless increase the times for make the game still easier. This is my opinion
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  12. Hi, I have lowered Jorge Lorenzo's performance in the wet however it's only in the race, is there a way i can make him slower in qualifying as well :/
  13. Thursday I will be at house, then I will update the mod, I will try to regular wet races. I think that you have modified that, but if you haven't modify that, modify the file skillscatalog and lower the wet ability of lorenzo from 1 to 0.990 about, but I think you have already done and is only in races. Fast pilots are harder to change the rain skills because they have a min time low. I may have an idea, but it's hard to explain, and I don't know if it works. If It works I tell you.
  14. thanks a lot :)
  15. Hi, this mod is great, thanks !

    However, in moto 3, there is no way i can do anything in qualifying in wet condition... they're as fast as dry conditions ... :(
  16. They are fast in the wet, but less than in the dry. however, the important file is Skillscatalog, the Dbidealtrackstimes file is not done well because I did it hurry and also because in the game speed are not real. when I make an update I will improve this aspect too.
  17. What if you take a reference for IDEALTRACKTIMES with the real gap for moto3 as example ,I made a couple of this , nut , for some reason in qualy are faster , they must be some files doing this , just a comment
  18. Hi, i was wondering if you could help me out, if not then not to worry

    I have been asking around but no one knows how to but basically for my youtube series i'm doing career mode on VRTG but the first 2 seasons are on the PS4 then season 3 will be on the PC with the mods.
    However this is where i'm stuck:
    - I want to switch the rider line up so riders ride for different teams (Lorenzo on Ducati etc) i have made all the liveries and leathers, everything works apart from the bike, is there some coding needing to be done to make the new liveries show up.
    - Do you know if it's possible to add a rider into a 1 rider team? (for example add Let's say Jack Miller onto the LCR Honda with Cal Crutchlow.)
    - Another question is do you know if it's possible to add new teams like KTM or a custom team?
    - Also do you know how i can edit the rider names so i can turn Jorge Navarro in Moto3 to Lorenzo Dalla Porta etc?
    Finally - when i swap the rider numbers around in the motogp2016/Bikes/BikeGP_(then a number) file, the game just crashes.

    I hope you can help, if not then not to worry :)

    Many Thanks :)

  19. Wrong section
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  20. where can i go to "get advice"?