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MotoGP garage

Discussion in 'MotoGP 16' started by marno, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. Where is the garage before the race? I miss that thing it was a good thing(more realistic) in GP 13, 14, 15. They should bring it in on VR46
  2. They should but they hadn't. So why are you complaining here?
  3. You need to complain to Milestone, although it's like they never listen to us. They give us something nice but take away something good in return. Also I don't see why they couldn't made possible to ride old and bonus tracks with 2016 riders, and lower categories. Always wanted to try Laguna Seca with a Moto3 bike
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  4. Vladimir - I'm sure that it is possible to do with modding, in MotoGP 14 I added Laguna Seca to career calendar, so why not with Moto3 in VRTG? :)
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  5. Yeah, I believe it's possible, for sure. I am saying that Milestone should've done that, but they are to lazy as always :cautious::thumbsdown:
  6. But there are a lot of other things
    1) RaceMaxPerturbation - yes,yes - the best thing - it adds unpredictability, earlier everything was close to RacePerfomance, but this time overtaking fights can happen throughout the race... but this value must be not 0.003, but ~0.035 - much larger. Rider like S.Corsi qualifies 15th, but if perturbation is small, he will emerge from the main group, and chase A.Rins started from 5th, who, if his perturbation is larger, can be overtaken, possibly at the end of the race both fighting for 3-4 places...
    2) Much better race result menus... at last, more - PC - 21 riders on the screen, not just 9... much more functional.