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MotoGP Community Videogame, just some thoughts

Discussion in 'MotoGP 15' started by Jonix, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Hi, you may know me or not. Most of us are on the same boat.

    There are a lot of skilled users out there, probably not only on this forum.

    In the past hours I have been thinking about a standalone motorbike videogame. Some people say you do better things on your own.

    i'm tired about softwarehouses scamming people. I just want to have fun and have an HQ game for a beautiful sport.

    This is why I was thinking about developing a videogame. Of course, no license...Could be an rFactor of bikes ;)

    My idea is to use an engine to speed up the process. Modelling will not be a problem, only time consuming. My main problem is with programming. I need someone to help, because I don't have the time to study everything. Might have to if I'm alone anyway.

    At the end, these are just some thoughts. Leave a comment if you wish, a talk would be appreciated, since it's nothing more than chatting at this stage.

    Thanks for reading
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  2. It would be great to have own MotoGP game with own tracks, bikes, etc. But will there be enough people to make? My skills are very little, just editing the game, not creating - I would like to see how this creating works and maybe I'll be proper person for this project.
    The best for creating game should be the easiest engine, not "the best one". I always dream about rFactor of bikes, even with 10 years graphics - it doesn't matter for me :)
  3. Charlie Rosco

    Charlie Rosco

    I would absolutely support this project in anyway I could, there can never be too many bike games available. If you're making a game to sell, then maybe it could be a few fictional bikes/teams that look like MotoGP on some tracks that are 'similar' but different to real tracks (just combine sections of real tracks together in a mash up). Then if you made it with modding in mind, people can then produce MotoGP mods with official bikes and tracks. as long as the mods are free, it should be legal.

    Which engine would you use?
  4. rkh


    no programming skills, but would love to help in any way I can :ninja:
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  5. Hi guys, as you know game engines help a lot since you can use packages (lighting, etc)
    There are some good free engines out there. My favourite, CryEngine,is free now.
    For sure, the problem will be bike physics, since I don't think there are much bike packages.
    I will have a look at it, just looking around things and testing
    Thanks for your answers
  6. I heard only about Unity3d as a good base for racing (mainly cars, but for bikes I think it would be also good). I have no knowledge or experience in these things, just put some ideas. I would help, but I don't know if I can.
  7. Skip Unity, it's what gRally folks are using and it isn't the best to make their life easier. I think Unreal has a setup where you only pay royalties after a certain amount of sales... which would be $0 if this was a free, community game.

    Or just hope GP Bikes gets enough development and public support.
  8. There are some things I can't stand about GP bikes...The bike handling is not growing on me. I tried every possible xbox controller setting. You can't push...or better, you push but it does not feel like you are pushing
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  9. I haven't played in a few builds. I couldn't get the controller FFB (well, it's just the vibration) to work for me but I guess having to live for years and years without FFB, I can still play and 'pretend' I am pushing. I presume if you use helmet camera then it's really more important but I only play on chase or close chase.
  10. I will like to help for what I can , in the meanwhile What is this???? :confused::confused::confused:

    Yeah GP Bikes I dont fell well on driving , but looks like rf for moto which is good.
  11. This is MotoGP 13
  12. Well I need to find more info for GP13 , I dont remenber if the game is good or not , but that KTM looks great imo ;) Thanks
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  13. Very sadly it was shallow pastime. It did not get better with '14 and I haven't played '15 to speak from experience, though from what I have read and seen, it clearly is largely unchanged.
  14. Jonix, I'm in, completely!
    I have no experience in coding or programming but I'll give you all my experience in bike physics and motogp data.
    Rely on me :p
  15. Also have a look here: https://www.carsim.com/products/bikesim/
    CarSim and BikeSim are common softwares and ofter we made fun with it at University! They are really good to have an idea on how a bike should behave but they have no active control on it
  16. I tested a bit with CryEngine but the vehicle support is not that good, I don't like the behaving plus there is no standard support for 2 wheels so it's a mess. I created a 2 wheel vehicle but it's far from good.

    SO I downloaded Unreal Engine 4. They are both free, that's fine. There are better resources for UE4 about motorcycles. Unfortunately this month I'm busy with exams so I could do very little.

    I found also this asset for Unity which looks fantastic. I'm interested in the physics mainly. Unfortunately Unity3d is not superb grahically that is why I left it as last option:

    This is the demo for the unity asset (use firefox, ie or opera t pplay it)
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  17. gRally is being developed in Unity and it has not been looking like the smoothest of developments. Best of luck with fiddling with UE4 when you have a chance :).