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MotoGP class update 2016 - Part 2 1.0


  1. Onikurai submitted a new resource:

    MotoGP class update 2016 - Part 2 - motogp

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  2. rkh


    hmm. i am very confused as to why you went about it this way? I thought this is a livery update? Why mess with the bike changes and why are there physics folders? i am sure part 1 is coming but so far only part 2 is available...at least one will be able to grab the just the liveries once you upload part 1.
  3. where is part1!
  4. The complete update size is 570Mb and due to the upload limit (300Mb) i can't post it. I've divided it into two parts, one for only the liveries of the bikes (part 1 that is in uploading now) and one for the pilot liveries and other files like menu, physics, etc...
  5. rkh


    no, i am not talking about the size. I am talking about why is there a physics folder, why is this not just a livery update, why are there bike changes? For me, I will just grab the liveries to update it to 2016, as it would otherwise conflict with my 2016 grid update.
  6. There's a physic folder because I'm changed ART bike with a Honda RCV and the FORWARD with a Ducati.
    You have to take only the part 1 for your complete MOD, where liveries bikes are saved, and RIDERS folder from part 2 ;) : Official Ducati and Pramac, Honda HRC - LCR e VDS (exRedding), Official Yamaha and Tech3, Suzuki and Aprilia are in the same folders of the original game so you will not have any problem for your mod; Aspar Team is in the same folder with the same names but the bike is changed (BIKE502 now is a Ducati) and in the same folder there is Avintia Team and not Abraham and Miller (now on ART bike)
    Forward team (BIKE505) no longer exist, in my mod there's Ducati Test Team (i've changed Physics with the same of the official Ducati team) and previous Avintia Team (BIKE507) has been changed with KTM test team but no physic changes have been applied.
  7. rkh


    believe me, I know all this, surely you've seen my mods. all i need to know...where is part 1???
  8. uploading :D:D


    "why is this not just a livery update, why are there bike changes?"
    I'm sorry , I was thinking you asked me why there are physic folders so I have written this, I know and I've seen your previous work ;) maybe I did not understood your question, I don't speak a good english :cry:
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2016
  9. Hi first of all great work I can not tell you how much I missed Stoner hh . I was wondering if you have a list of the rider changes that you made, my problem is that I'm changing the skillcatalog because I am making a custom data.mix for every track so I can have an enjoyable and more realistic championship but the names in the skillcatalog don't correspond with the rider names in the game so I don't know which rider I am modifying. I figured out these : Redding = Rabat, Barbera = Hofman, Melandri = Bradl, Miller = Baz, Bradl = Stoner, Baz = Pirro Again thank you for this great mod !
  10. Yes man, I've changed (OLD rider <=> NEW rider):
    Melandri <=> Bradl
    Bradl <=> SuperCasey27 :D
    Hayden <=> Hernandez
    Hernandez <=> Redding
    Redding <=> Rabat
    Abraham <=> Barberà
    Barberà <=> Hofmann
    De Angelis <=> Miller
    Miller <=> Baz
    Baz <=> Pirro
    Di Meglio <=> Kallio

    tnx for your appreciation ;)
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  11. why this dosent work? i follow the instruction why still dosent work please help?
  12. more information please
  13. rkh


    still doesnt work for me either. sent you PM @Onikurai .
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2016
  14. that's not work for me, the name doesn't changed .how to fix it?
  15. You can't change the name you have to change the rider statistics value of the old rider name to change the values of the new rider for example if you wanted to change Stoner's race pace or qualifying pace in the game you have to change Bradl's statistics in the SKILLSCATALOG. I believe that's what you're asking.
  16. rkh


    You can in the MENU.MIX, just will run into certain character limitations if it is a longer name replacing a shorter name. But, you sure can change name ANY name, team, rider, GP, what have you, in fact for GRID UPDATES it is 100% necessary.
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  17. ok onikurai it's works all fine for me tried, time trial and gp and all textures and names works fine
    thank you, great work!
  18. I know that but I don't think that's what he was asking therefore my answer ... Nonetheless thank you for you informative reply :D
  19. rkh


    ooops :redface:. you guys tried to use pramac yet? I get Reddings number, and Petruccis's instead of my own number?? Anyone experience this in the livery update from @Onikurai ?
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2016
  20. NUMBER508_523 (redding)
    NUMBER510_516 (petrucci)
    You should clear the number of both redding that petrucci in the files that I said, because
    Onikurai, he has already put them direclty in the livery.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2016
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