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Featured MotoGP 15 release date and preorder bonus announced

Discussion in 'MotoGP 15' started by Alex Franchini, May 14, 2015.

  1. The release date for MotoGP 15 has been announced, along with the preorder bonuses.

    MotoGP fans won't have to wait much longer: Milestone has confirmed that the next installment of the motorcycle racing series will be available on June 19th.

    As previously announced, MotoGP 15 will be available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, thus carrying some cross-gen bits and pieces along.

    The preorder bonus for the title is a pack containing 20 4-stroke bikes and riders that made the history of the last 10 years of MotoGP, like Colin Edwards (on his 2005 Yamaha M1), Sete Gibernau, Casey Stoner, Shinya Nakano and so on. Included in the DLC pack are 18 special events that recreate the highlights of these pilots' careers.

    The add-on will also be available on day 1 for the price of 12,99€. While this is far from the worst offender in terms of DLC policy, that doesn't sound very good either.

    Are you looking forward to MotoGP 15? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!
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  2. Pete Bone

    Pete Bone

    I'm always interested in bike games as i'm a biker at heart, but my head knows one would kill me, however i'm also always put off by the lack of proper controller for them. I toyed with the idea of taking a PS3 controller apart and making a basic frame with the PS3 controller attached, but through lack of talent and sheer laziness i haven't.

    Also, €12.99 works out at £9.50ish, and i think that is fairly good going for effectively a second game.
  3. No thanks , "and preorder bonus announced" here I stop reading
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  4. I'm interested simply because Ride was the best game Milestone has made yet so I'm expecting MotoGP 15 to use the same engine.
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  5. Check this out!

  6. Work in progress no doubt
  7. As a MotoGP fan myself I'm not very impressed with the pre-order trailer of a NEW game and the somewhat 10 year old liveries (and ex-MotoGP riders). Who ever thought showing that was a good idea...?
    Luckily Aaron's pictures above tell a different story.
    Generally I think Milestone's MotoGP experience was never as good anyway as back in the days with Black Rock Studio's implementation of MotoGP.
  8. Best game? wauw. I ride MC myself - the SOUND of the game is like recorded from in iPhone - for a "simulator game" in 2015 to have computergenerated sound is rediculess. The physics is laughable ... have you seen the bike when you crash? Watched motoGP ever? Seems like Milestones hasnt...

    Game is VERY poor, only thing to say positively is the look of the game when screenshots are taken. The only postive thing.

    SOUND and roar of an engine is so universal for everyone to understand and appreciate...... to abandon this SO clearly is the dumbest thing ever.
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  9. H34d5h07

    No money, no team racing.

    I stopped reading at "preorder bonus"
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  10. he didnt go so far as to say it was a good game...;)
  11. Noticed you didn't name a better Milestone game.

    I actually do like RIDE though. Its not great but certainly good to me.
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  12. SBK 2001 was good. SBK 2007 was good. MotoGP '08 was good. That was the last time they were good.
  13. As you know, everyone has an opinion and none of them are fact. However if that's what you believe, that's certainly fine, RIDE is arguably the best Milestone game in many years so maybe they're getting back to old form.
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  14. I think if Milestone are smart they will capitalise on the older big for strokes. The older big fourstrokes had less electrickry so hopefully will be more RAW and Wild . We shall see.
  15. I didn't specify myself. My opinion is based on the technology of the day and the simulation aspect of the bikes. I don't expect or want it to be GP Bikes but the way these games have been, it just isn't fun because it pushes us to ride - and rewards us for riding - in a very unrealistic manner.

    Extensive power drifts, super late braking with a very tight turning radius that permits for very exaggerated leaning at very low speeds, and great acceleration to beat the AI hampers my ability to enjoy their titles.
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  16. Lorenzo

    Finally they made a proper 3d model for Yamaha!! '14 was the same as '13. Now the back looks like the actyual bike, and the front too. The details are much much better compared to 2014.
    Notice that textures are a little bit off, for example the colour, but it's wip, they'll fix it for the release. Either way we can make very good textures from our own
  17. Edited Rossi's pic, to give you the idea of what I would like to see..

    Fixed the colors, the size and shape of the fairing, the fairing hole vent (it's colored in the game)
  18. Comparison with 14