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MotoGP 15. Faster & Advanced A.I MOD 1.4.1

Too Easy? Harder, Faster Ai behavior in and out of curves, more aggresive, new lap records...

  1. Faster & Advanced A.I MOD 1.1
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  3. What is the point of have AI lapping on 1.50 in Qatar if user can only make 1.54/1.55 ? Just asking
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  4. Hello Jonix, If the computer is too fast on any given track, just lower the diffuclty to medium / hard / easy to adjust to your lap times.

    About the 1:50 on Losail.

    I was on an online match and this user made 1:51: xxx. Physics on restricted to PRO.
    later on the lap record was broken a couple more times making 1:50:xxx by 2 different players. I couldnt take ss though...


    So to say a user cannot make 1:50 is simply not true.

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  5. o_O
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  6. 1.0 is great but every time I skip to track game crashes. If you wait for the rider to ride out of the pits its fine. Other than that everything is good.
  7. Thanks for the feedback!

    Fixed in v1.1
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  8. O_o
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  9. Sorry my fault, fact is I'm playing with a physics mod, that makes the game slower. I forgot your mod only changes AI, not user physics. So 1.50 is understandable
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  10. Hi. First off, thanks for taking the time to make a mod for our enjoyment! i have to say the increased race paces are great, especially scaling with the difficulty ie easy/medium/simulation. however i've been finding that in practice and qualifying the AI is significantly slowler in all classes so that i always get 1st which takes away the enjoyment of battling for a better start position. For instance, in MotoGP at mugello in practice/qualifying the fastest AI was 1min51.xxx at the medium difficulty. Then in race the fastest AI was 1min46.xxx. Where as my general pace is 1min47/48. Is there anyway to make practise/qualifying match or come close to race pace? Keep up the good work though!
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  12. with this mod i can´t change the bike settings in the garage....is this normal...?? aside that this mod is top knocht....good job mate :thumbsup:
  13. Can i ask you something? Did you remove the Rewinds or something because i can't change that option...
  14. Hi great mod I really liked it. I was wondering if you would be kind enough to tell me witch files you edited as I'm trying to get the lap times and qualification times to my skill level and I'm making a different data.mix file for every track. So far I've only edited the AI_DIFFICULTIES and the SKILLSCATALOG so that every rider is different depending on the track.
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  15. @CrashBandicoot: Yes rewinds are deactived.:thumbsup:

    @kikooOOoo: Nothing in this mod will help you improve/change lap times individually for each rider individually. If they are too fast, lower the difficulty. This will affect the Lap time and Qualifying time.

    If you want to modify the Qualifying time goto DB_IDEALTRACKSTIMES.BML. (doesnt make much sense though..)
    To modify the riders performance goto SKILLSCATALOG as you were.
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  16. Is there a way to activate them? like i really need them lol
  17. Great Mod, really enjoying it so far.
    However, i expierenced a bug in Assen Qualifing. Pol Espagaro and crew lapped around a minute quicker then they should.
    Since i don´t know what affects the laptimes i´m posting all the cirumstances:
    Version 1.2, Assen, light rain, QP 1, Medium Difficulty, Career mode

    edit: and everyone had a 0,017 sec gap at the end of the race (actually it was a couple of seconds)
    edit2: due to the 0,017 sec gap from everyone the game does not know the correct race results and throws points randomly at backmarkers. Alex de Angelis just recived 20 points for second (rossi got second)
    edit3: quickly tested it in race weekend mode and it seems to affect all sorts of wet weather on all difficulties in assen. dry weather seems ok. however, i only checked qualifing and not the race results.
    i hope this helps and the bug will be fixed. thank you

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  18. I noticed the qualifing times and race pace differs quite a lot.
    for example at Valencia on Medium the qualifing times for AI was 1:29.5 and fastest lap in the race by AI was 1:28.5
    on Realistic the pole was 1:27.9 and the fastest lap by AI was 1:27.3
    on other circuits the difference is more than 2 seconds

    Since im not really sure how to modify this .bml files by myself it would be nice if you could adress this in an future update.;) I would suggest setting the qualifing times arround the actual race pace.

    otherwise this mod is exactily what i´m looking for and is a lot of fun. great work
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  20. It seems to be great mod, because AI levels (even with physics patches) are too weak, but could you tell me which files did you edit? Because I have a lot of files edited in DATA.MIX and it would be great if you could say, which file(s) should I replace to gain unbelievable AI laps in race? :)