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MotoGP 14 Modding Questions Thread

Discussion in 'MotoGP 14 Mods' started by Technique, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. Post all your questions here :thumbsup:
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  2. *Weather system*

    I'm not really familiar in the modding area so I hope people over here can help me out.

    Milestone improved their weather system by a larger margin compared to Motogp 13 but they still lack in some areas which I hope can be resolved with modding.

    Clear skies;

    Is it possible that all the unnecessary clouds can be removed when I choose ''CLEAR'' conditions? and just race at a track where there are no clouds, just clear blue skies? I just raced at Sepang and Motegi, clear conditions, but one half of the sky is clear and the other half is overcast with a few darker clouds here and there, that ain't clear skies. What you see in Mugello and Aragon in-game are solid clear skies and I wish that for all the tracks in this game.I hope it's possible this issue can be solved.

    Heavy rain;

    Is it possible to add reflections on the tarmac, decrease the shadows in heavy rain conditions and add proper rainy clouds. I've noticed solid shadows in heavy rain conditions, as if I play in clear/sunny conditions and that's just odd. You guys noticed it as well?

    When I play F1 2013 in heavy rain, that's proper rain with proper dark skies and proper rainy conditions, I can't say that from Motogp 14 though and that's a shame because we talk about a next-gen game over here.

    Perhaps a challenging question and maybe a request as well, but Racedepartment has some great modders so I hope these issues can be sorted out ASAP!
  3. -About Clear Skies, in most of the games the sky is a map, a textures, applied to a semisphere. (I'm not sure about Motogp14). I think you could extract the texture regarding the clear sky, and edit it as you want. Then repack everything and replace the original mix file.

    -I do have reflections on the tarmac, for the clouds it shouldn't be different than doing the same thing I suggested for clear skies.
    I'm sorry, I don't know what you can do to modify the shadows, since it's a code, and everything is encrypted.
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  4. realitychecked


  5. Ooops, sorry :roflmao:
  6. Thanks! Can you pinpoint me the exact tools that I need to execute the extracting etc?
  7. realitychecked


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  8. You need the file mixfile ReMixer 0.1.6 tool to extract the files from the .mix. Follow the tutorial that TheJIfan has posted. You need to find the clouds.dds files and edit it with a software like photoshop. I found some dds files of the clouds in the .mix file of each track. I'm not sure there are unique cloud files used by all the tracks, each one has different clouds. I may or may not be right though.

    Each track have two cloud files.dds:
    They are located in the Pictures folder of the track. I think they affect the cloudy sky, not the clear sky.
    I will let you if I find the clear sky files
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  9. Thanks man, I appreciate that! Personally I think editing skies in Photoshop would be unnecessary, I figure I may replace the proper skies from Mugello or Aragon with the ones that needs change in the first place.
  10. Yeah but keep in mind that the textures need to be the same resolution and have to be the same stretches of the original ones. You may have some weird results if you don't respect the template
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  11. Fortunately I am aware of that but I thank you for reminding me anyways Jonix!!
  12. PRo


    I'd like to remove some riders so maybe the game will run better. My guess is that if I can replicate how the riders that have missing DLC work it would probably solve the problem. If someone discovers how to do this it would be great to try and see if on lower ends PCs it would have a noticeable impact on performance.
  13. That will crash your game PRo, that will never work. Unless you are an experienced user with Fmod, that way you can manipulate and/ or remove encrypted codes within the game itself but that's a major task.
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  14. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

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  16. Hi,

    I want to change the cutom rider pics. I found the files in GFXPAK.MIX in pictures/pilotpic.

    I edited one in photoshop but everytime I recreate the MIX file the game crashes. So how I have to save the DDS file? Or did I a mistake while using Mix File Remixer?

    Thanks for help!
  17. realitychecked


    There's a file in the GFXPAK that has a question mark (a character not compatible with the remixer), there are so many files that I can't seem to find that one!
  18. Ask the same question in Motogp 13, you can change the X-lite helmet for another model helmet in career mode.
    Sorry for my English
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  19. realitychecked


    Nope, you can only have X-Lite and Nolan helmets.