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MotoGP 14 AI Mod Beta 0.9

MotoGP14 Mod

  1. Jonix submitted a new resource:

    MotoGP 14 AI Mod Beta - MotoGP14 Mod

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  2. In the race the AI's drivers must slow down a little bit more: they have to run at least 0.5s slower than in Q.
    Thanks for your work, it's just amazing.
  3. When release new update?
  4. When it's ready I guess...It's almost finished
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  5. This version (0.9 beta) doesn't work with the new DLC.
    Qatar, moto3, Realistic Difficulty: the AI runs 2 seconds faster than pole.
    I will wait the update :)
  6. The new version will work with the latest DLC and will be better than the beta version
  7. Woo! I can't wait! I'm in my second season, I signed for Estrella Galicia in moto3, I want to win this championship!
  8. Alex Marquez Too fast and you must reduce it a bit by me won all
  9. Update? :unsure:
  10. Baldassari and morbidelli faster
  11. Che Programma hai utilizzato per modificare il file di dati?
  12. Che Programma hai utilizzato modificare il file *data.mix?
  13. hexeditor