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MOTO GP RIDER SWITCH - Elias for Corti 1.0

veteran Toni Elias will replace Claudio Corti

  1. rkh


  2. rkh


    let me know if or what I forgot this time :O_o:
  3. Can't we just remove Forward completely? Lol. They are so freaking instable with their boss in jail and all their rider changes. So happy that Bradl escaped that shithole.
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  4. Is it official? :) Good work, rkh, but I think Toni will use more yellow add-ons, as he is used to and yellow number - but we will see next week :)
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  5. Since I finally managed to get back to playing MotoGP15 (and hopefully modding in the upcoming weeks) I'll be doing a replacement of the Forward team with a classic Yamaha livery ;)