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Moto gp 14 career mode

Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by Nick.hopkins, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. I just bought my copy of motogp 14 (from psn store) it says it's the full game payed full amount but when I go on to it all I can play is instant race I cannot start a career or anything
  2. Dude is it hard to google for that? I think you haven't downloaded the whole game. I don't know how to check because I don't have a console, but if it doesn't let you play all the game modes it's because you haven't downloaded everything, just the minimum part in order to play an instant race.
  3. It says on the psn store that it's the full game 15.9 gb it took like 3 hours to download on my ps4
  4. 1 min research on google: "I found problem elswhere. It's a problem with PS. PS says it downloaded completely, but it's not. Information of the game (OPTIONS-Information) says now downloaded 12 of 16 GB. Thanks for your time!"

    "Yes, the game isn't fully downloaded even though it says it has, if you hit the options button and scroll to info you'll see the rest of the game is still downloading so you can play instant race whilst the game fully downloads in the background"

    If it doesn't let you play the whole game, it's because you don't have the full game.
    Also, to make sure you've downloaded it, check the time it took. If your internet connection is fast enough to download 16 gb in three hours then no probs, but otherwise you should wonder something...