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Motion Cockpit View

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Blkout, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. Any iRacers using MCV? I started using it about a month or so ago and really like but I did have to customize it a bit for my liking. Just curious how you guys feel about it.
  2. I used it to adjust the seat position. But now i can do it in iRacing.
  3. Yes, I like it to get some head motion especially under braking so I get a bit of feedback. I turn off the look to apex stuff, just a bit of side to side motion.

    I'm looking forward to my Rift DK2, though, and won't miss MCV at that point.
  4. Yea, I had to turn off the up-down head bobbing, it was a bit much in the violent cars like the Williams. I use a little side to side lateral movement and I really like the forward backward head movement under acceleration and braking.

    My brother has a DK2 on order so I'll try his when he gets it. I just hope iRacing and AC support it at that time since I think its still in work at the moment. I didn't want to commit to a DK2 until I see how much support it gets first in the sims that I play.
  5. I'm using Richard Avery's settings with DriverHeadWobble=0.8 in app.ini: MCV head physics. He spent a few years tweaking it :).
  6. I don't think MCV and Rift will work simultaneously, since MCV hooks into the head motion calls Rift will be depending on.

    Not that you'd want the bouncing of your head while using the Rift anyway, I think it could end up giving sim sickness (motion sickness).
  7. Yea, I've seen Avery's thread on his version. Seems there was dispute between he and Stephane as to which was more accurate. I have not tried Avery's version yet.
  8. Oh yea, I knew that already. I had no intention of using them together.
  9. In that case, iRacing already has the relevant bits for DK2 implemented, just waiting on the DK2 SDK.
  10. You sure? I thought I read that it has partial implementation but not full support yet.
  11. Think they said they've supported most of what they can in the current SDK. They added the ability to run DK1 and a TrackIR simultaneously so they could prepare for DK2. I could be mistaken, though.
  12. I'm hopeful they have full implementation by DK2 release. I'm really anxious to try it out before I commit.
  13. i don't see the rush. im an incredibly impatient person but im very content waiting till release to spring for OR
  14. Well, they won't be able to test until they get DK2s for themselves ;)

    As for 'rushing'. I figured even if I buy a DK2 and a consumer version, it's still cheaper than going to triples.
  15. That's true and my brother figures that he can sell it without losing much if it doesn't work out. The resell value of the DK1 was still pretty good.