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Motherboard Selection for Custom Gaming PC Help??

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jimi Hughes, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. Jimi Hughes

    Jimi Hughes
    RDMCC S6 Champion

    Hi guys, me again!

    I've made the decision to build a custom PC, which will be used purely for gaming, and only racing simulators, (GTRE, RBR and rFactor) as well as trying to future proof it for rFactor 2. I want to use the i5 750 core processor in the build, and i am tryin to choose the cheepest, but most suitable Motherboard to go with this system.

    Ideally, i want to use the Asus P7P55D range of motherboards, but there are so many different types of this I am a little bit lost! I really dont know the difference between all of there, and if anyone could recommend one to me or give me any advice in choosing a motherboard it would be of massive assistance.

    So far, i know it needs to be 1156 socket and also must have a PCI - Express to run the graphics card i wanted to use. Can anybody help me out?

    Cheers all,

  2. It really depends if you want to overclock, are you planning to?
  3. Jimi Hughes

    Jimi Hughes
    RDMCC S6 Champion

    i'm not sure, i would say no because im not really sure weather i would need to. I would only be using it for gaming, and as i said just sim racing so im not sure if i would need to
  4. Just go for whichever if you don't plan to overclock. Just make sure it has the right amount of PCI slots and features like onboard if you need it. And it supports the right amount of RAM if you plan to upgrade to a quite large amount in future.