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MotecAdd - Anyone?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by bmwisme, May 22, 2011.

  1. Anyone using MotecAdd with the Race Series and care to comment - reliabilty, CPU load, worth the cost, etc..?
    I would like to get everthing off my main display and use MotecAdd on my second monitor for car feedback (tire temps, gear, RPM/MPH, and race info (lap, position, timings, etc). I have been using hood cam w/virtual mirror - at least until I know all of the tracks better.

    Note: Using older hardware so cannot use a solution that consumes too many CPU cycles.

  2. Worth every bit to me - been using for a little over a year now.

    Cannot comment too much on CPU cycles as I've always run it on multi-core machines, but no issues on my previous Core2 E6600.
  3. get it, it's great and I have never noticed any performance issues...
  4. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    For best results just make sure that the second monitor can handle 1280 X 1024 screen resolution. Other than that, it is worth the money as if very light on system resource usage.
  5. another user here, i find it great for the Race series, well worth the few quid to own.
  6. Thanks everyone for your opinions. My older hardware does slow "slightly" running locally but if I run the client on my laptop all is good.
    May have purchase.
  7. I have an old P3 laptop (client machine) running SimView that I have networked (works wired or wifi) to my C2D e8200 that I run Simadapter (server machine) on. I get lots of realtime info on the laptop and it really doesn't take up any resources to speak of on the C2D which I race with. And these are all free. You have to hunt around to find them, but they work great.

    Just throwing this out for the sake of variety.