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MoTEC i2 Pro in GTR Evo

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Alberto L. Barcia, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Hi guys.

    After several days reading forums and looking for a way to obtain data from my sessions in GTR Evo to be used with MoTeC i2 Pro, I didn'd find it, so I decided to investigate it by myself.

    The result of that investigation is that I find the way to do it and I'll post it here for those who think it could be useful.

    It's as simply as make a couple of modifications in your user's PRL file (located in "C:\Program files\Steam\SteamApps\[your steam user]\race 07\UserData\[your GTR evo user]\")


    The changes you have to make are the following:

    Data Acquisition In Race="0" (original)
    Data Acquisition In Race="1" (modified)

    MoTeC LogFolder= Here the folder you want to put the data into

    And that's all.

    You can free download latest release of MoTeC i2 Pro here.
  2. last time i used motec i was a complete nub and fully overwhelmed by it :)... need to have another look at this... but from what i remember, it was missing things in the output, like tyre temps - which would be the most useful thing to me now :D
  3. I agree that that amount of data can be very disheartening. Maybe this beginners guide may help you.
  4. Can someone confirm this is missing? It was pretty much the whole reason i was going to setup motec at the moment. If its not functioning with those i think ill hold off the headache for a while :p
  5. I never missed data about tyres. The only data sometimes I miss is about suspension and dampers, but never about tyres.

    Maybe it could be good to investigate why sometimes (and not allways) some data is missed.
  6. i'll check it again tonight... it could have been user error - or the fact i was using an add-on track... i post back with meh findings...
  7. i used it pretty often with GTR2 , and was very usefull actually. Especially to set the damper / spring settings.

    I'll check it out to Thx :thumb:
  8. Thanks for this link!! It's very well explained,
    Maybe this MoTEC can help me to find the last seconds!
    I'll try it this weekend..
  9. more good function in the game!! I'll try. Thanks Alberto
  10. i tested what fuctions all work with evo ..

    And i'm happy to say really every function works ...

    tire temps , suspension , oversteer , the whole freaking package.

    I looked for the workbook file i use back then and i found it.
    Just open the "Project.mtcprj" in de package and you will have a perfect workbook to get super setups with. with the open log file button or ctrl+O you can browse to your logged laps.

    wanted to up the file but it's to big ..
    You can download it here.
  11. thanks for the project, dude - layout is everything! :D
  12. I agree this is a good workbook to work with. I have seen that the Beginners guide I told about in my second post is based in this workbook Richard gave us. Although it has a sheet for tyre analisis I have added a new sheet only for tyre temps where they can be seen more clearly.

    Thank you for the workbook, Richard.:thumb:
  13. Yeahh!I hope this will help me to improve my times!! Is it works with network? For example during play can I watch the data on my laptop??
  14. Every time you go out and go back to pits one file with the data about your laps is recorded. If you want you can map a network drive in another computer with the folder you put the data into and check that data while you are stopped in pits.

    I hope you undertand what I'm saying since my English is not good at all. :)
  15. Checkin the data while your driving will not improve your laptimes so ... better watch it when in pits :D
  16. Yees, you are right:p I have to split my heed.There is four very important part of driving:brake, accelerate, steering, and gears!nthe telemtry will be the fifth one:pound:(sorry for my bad english)
  17. Marcel vd Aa

    Marcel vd Aa
    AC Paint Guru

    Woohoo this is good news, now we can all wonder why Motec says the car is set up correctly but we are still not able to drive it that way....

    Just kidding, great work guys.
    Thnx alot
  18. Well after never using MOTEC for anything I look forward to being totally confused lool.
  19. I was right, means nothing to me lol.

    But such pretty mountains in different colours lol.

    Will have to read up on this stuff.

    Time to learn.