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Motec for offline version?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Painkiller82, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Are there any programs with Motec info for the offline version of GTR Evo? I can't get the game activated with Steam, and they don't have any solution for me except returning the game.

    MotecAdd, XD and Real Time Telemetry are only for the Steam version, right?
  2. Hello,

    About MotecAdd :
    I don't know the structure of the offline game, thus I cannot modify MotecAdd so that it works with non-steam version.
    But there is certainly no big difference (maybe with a one update delay).

  3. Ok, thanks. I actually got it working on Steam now. The Steam support guy helped out and registered my game, so everything is fine now :)
  4. So whats the procedure to get MotecAdd working with the Race-on-offline-version?
  5. I would have to buy and install the DVD version and to analyze all the differences with the Steam version.
    But I don't have the DVD :thinking:
  6. That assums it exists a DVD-version of MotecAdd.
    Never heard of that.

  7. No, I speak about the game DVD version. If I don't have it I can't build MotecAdd for it...

    I've bought the Steam version only.
    MotecAdd is EXE-dependent.