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Motec exporter for iRacing

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Kevin Watts, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. an iRacer called Patrick Moore has created an exporter tool to extract data from iRacing into a format that Motec i2 Pro can read. There is (quite a long) thread at the official iRacing forums about this tool for iRacing here.

    The tool itself can be downloaded here while the Motec i2 Pro software can be found here. Personally my data logging starts at "How much of the grey stuff did I use?" and ends at "How much of the green stuff did I use?"
  2. Tried it out a few weeks back, its not bad but iRacing doesn't export a lot of stuff so its not that useful. Not as good as rFactor or the Simbin games are anyway.
  3. You use the same data program as me. :D
  4. Lol, I find it a pretty good indicator of my performance
  5. yeah, was definitely interesting. not sure how much i'll use it in the future. i'm much more just focusing on staying on the tarmac period