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MoTeC Bug? Doesnt split laps anymore.

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Jan-Moritz Kammann, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Since 4 weeks my MoTeC doesnt split the laps anymore. Instead of showing me all single laps it shows me all laps as one lap.

    For example if I make a long run now, I cant look up single laps anymore neither select them. Its like the whole stint is one lap then and is then e.g. over 33 minutes long.....

    Does anyone know what is wrong here? I didnt change anything. I only use the XD Plugin, but Fredrik also uses it and doesnt have this problems.

    Any suggestions are welcome. ​
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    People don't seem to be very helpful anymore here. Sorry I am a n00b with Motec so can't help you either.
  3. Why has it been moved to GTR Evolution???

    Im playing rFactor.....

    Still I need help guys, come on. Anyone has to know it.
  4. I use motec often, but I don't have rFactor and that sounds like the rFactor plug-in could have an issue. GTR Evo continues to give me good logs. (i2 pro 1.05.0013 -- I think the rFactor plug-in may did require a specific version of i2 pro, which I don't remember atm.)
  5. Yeah, its 1.01.xxxx but it worked for me like 6 months and then it just changed its mind and startet to not track the maps of the roads anymore. I just deleted all stuff and reinstalled everything.

    But now it still doesnt split laptimes and it also doesnt record the Track Map.... maybe thats the issue, but I have no idea, why it doesnt do that anymore. Weird!
  6. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Thread hasn't been moved according to thread history :) You have posted it here yourself :) Ill move it to rFactor for you
  7. *Bump*

    I still have the same issue. Im using Win7 and MoTeC doesnt show me Trackmaps anymore and also put all Laps into one Lap.

    Any help is apreciated!
  8. I usually use MoTeC (i2pro 1.05.0013) and..i have no problems at all sorry :(
    See you the problem in all tracks?
  9. I dont know what caused it, but like I said it was just there and I never changed anything in MoTeC. Thats what makes me wonder. And yes, it is on all tracks.

    MoTeC doesnt record any Trackmaps into the Trackmaps folder anymore.