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Motec all under one heading

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Robert McColl, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Hi all i'm trying to get Motec to work with Windows XP64bit but as a lot of people i dont seem to get any data saved to process.I have browsed a few other places and also looked in the RD forum as much as i could .Can we not have a heading with all the Motec info under one heading beacause nobody seems to be able to exactly explain whether motec works and or with what addon or plugin or version.I am trying win64bit XP and same as win 7 do not seem to be able to get any joy.

    Please i would appreciate if someone could let me know which Motec works well and with which OS.

    Thanks in advance BTW this is for Rfactor

    Robert McColl
  2. I can't say I've ever been able to get MoTec working in rFactor.
  3. Ryan from the bit i have got to know you i must say you have just dashed my hopes of getting it to work cause if you cant i doubt if anybody will

    Thanks anyway
  4. I installed MoTeC a few days ago and it works beautifully. Very nice feature.

    First of all you need this plug-in for rFactor: Data Acquisition Plugin 1.32

    Then you need to download Motec i2 Pro, but not the newest one. I use version and you can get it here.

    Install the motec software in c/program files/rFactor/MoTeC/i2/1.0

    Open the rFactor .plr file and make sure it looks like this:
    Data Acquisition Version="0" // Version of vehicle data to write out
    Data Acquisition Rate=[B]"10"[/B]
    Data Acquisition In Race="1"
    Data Acquisition EXE=[B]"C:\Program Files\rFactor\MoTeC\i2\1.0\MoTeC.exe"[/B]
    Data Acquisition File="userdata\vehicledata.spt"
    Alternate Collision="0" // Temporary variable as we develop new collision system.  NOT AVAILABLE IN THIS VERSION
    Go to rFactor main directory and open DataAcquisitionPlugin.ini to set up the telemetry (choose what to log etc..). You can also choose where to save the log files. My setting:
    Log File Output Path="C:\Program Files\rFactor\MoTeC\Logged Data"	; MoTeC log files will be written here
    Fire up rfactor, press control+m in-game and you will create a log file. After the session you can open the .id file stored in the "logged data" folder with MoTeC i2. Voila:)
  5. That would be the problem, never managed to get the correct version - real pain in the ass to find. Thanks Knut!
  6. Thanks will try that Knut i am sure this silly question i asked may have helped a few people that battled to get it working
  7. Yes hopefully it will. It was a lot of digging around until I found out how to do it.

    But this tool is just excellent. Really fast to work with and you can do a lot of stuff. Invaluable when building cars and for serious setup testing.
  8. Was using Win XP64bit but am redoing my race PC now with 32bit XP your download link dont work on 64bit but i dont mind at this stage just wanna get it to work THX again

    Rob McColl
  9. Well i just wanna thank Knut i reinstalled a normal Windows XP and followed your instructions and it works like a bomb.