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Most gpu demanding racing sim?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Azfalt Raser, May 7, 2015.

  1. What is the most gpu demanding racing sim today? For a single gpu video card.

    And if I purchased a gpu or gpus to run as high a quality as possible for that sim, will that ensure I get the same or better performance from other sims? I am mainly concerned with getting rid of JAGGED LINES anywhere in game.

    Raceroom Racing Experience?
    Project Cars?
    Assetto Corsa?
  2. I'd say it's a toss-up between rFactor 2 and Project CARS, for different reasons. PCARS has a lot of eye candy, and a visual fidelity that's close to unparalleled in a racing title. I have not benchmarked PCARS on my card yet though...

    rFactor 2 needs some optimization, where it will require a beefy GFX card to run at max performance. I did a test, and rF2 at medium-high settings would max out my 650ti, when Assetto Corsa/iRacing at high settings would run around 60% level.
  3. @ Mr. Marsh
    I actually enjoyed the rFactor2 demo. But on high settings, I was getting freezing, stuttering. When I put the settings on a mixture of low/med settings, I was surprised how good it looked and the video was smooth as silk.
    I installed Project Cars and tried playing it on Ultra settings at 4800x900 resolution full screen.
    Both video cards were running at 100%
    top card temperature >100C
    Bottom card temperature 42C
    video froze just after I got out of the pits on Spa.

    4800x900 windowed mode (using 1 video card)
    I turned down the settings to a mixture of low/med. settings.
    top card temp. 95C
    30 fps - just barely playable.
  4. What are you using for your graphics card?
  5. I have 2 x 6970's, 2GB cards in crossfire with Accelero Extreme III triple fan coolers - which lowered temps by 20-30C during idle/gaming vs the original reference fan.

    I think the 6970's don't have the grunt to play these racing sims at high.

    Besides, something is wrong. Right now, the core clock is jumping between 880mhz & 500mhz for no apparent reason - sorta like an EKG, with only this forum open.
  6. rFactor 2 no contest. Struggle to get over a 100FPS with a GTX970.
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  7. @Lou Sytsma
    haahahahhahahahahahaha Sorry. not laughing at you.
    I'm struggling to get 40 fps and you're getting 100?!
    Thanks guys.
    Time for me to look for new gpus.
  8. rFactor 2 without question.
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  9. Thanks to everyone to replied.

    I'll try to find benchmarks for gpus in rFactor2 then.
  10. In my experience:

    GTX770 is a base level for 1080i @ min 60 fps with lots of AI opponents and maxed graphics.

    GTX970 is a base level for triple 1080i @ min 60 fps with lots of AI opponents and maxed graphics... if you configure for multiview, then sacrifice AA to keep min 60 fps.

    Can't go wrong with a GTX980.

    Very important that your motherboard supports the highest data transfer to the GPU.
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  11. Mobo says "PCIe 3.0 ready for PCIe 3.0 compliant devices" (up to 32GB/s). Is that that good enough?
  12. Yup, those are the words you're looking for. Sometimes you have to activate the data rate manually with an nVidia tool even though the motherboard is compliant.