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mores track

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Stuart Pickering, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I can not get the mores track to show up in single or multi play. I have uninstalled and re downloaded the track, it shows in my Pakages folder but not in my mod manager to install ???
  2. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Does it have the correct file extension? I've had this is the past until I realised I'd copied over a rar files instead of the rfcmp file.
  3. deffo the rfcmp file version 1.02 in my packages folder ?
  4. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    maybe sort the installed from the NOT installed with the mod manager? maybe it'll show up that way?
  5. I am also clueless, only think I can think of is that the modmanager might be seeking in another directory that the packages folder you placed it? Do you perhaps have 2 installs of rf2 or 2 packages folders?

    Justin's way is indeed an easy way to see if you have overlooked it.

    EDIT: perhaps unticked the boxes of mods / or components?
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2013
  6. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    Indeed a few things to check first:

    - BOTH tickboxes set in ModManager, for Components and Mods
    - Package directory set correctly? (Bottom right corner of mod manager)
    - Working dit set correctly? (also bottom corner. Point it to your install folder)

    If thats al ok, then check if the download is ok. I have had it before with downloads from the ISI side, that they were stopped before finished. So, they where incomplete, and therefore it did not show. So, check file size on the ISI website.

    If all fails, make a screenshot of your modmanager, and 1 of your windows explorer, showing the install folder of rfactor2. Then we can go from there.
  7. All sorted guys, track installed, I simply unticked all the blue high lighted tabs at the top ie hlm veh etc re highlighted them and presto the track was there along with lime rock park both uninstalled. Finally ready for some practice.
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