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Mods MoreCarMovement 2.0

Headcam MOD (more car movement in cockpit view)

  1. VeloW submitted a new resource:

    MoreCarMovement - Headcam MOD (more car movement in cockpit view)

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  2. Will be there update for Pikes Peak cars? This is the best camera mod so far.
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  3. VeloW updated MoreCarMovement with a new update entry:

    MoreCarMovement 1.1 + Pikes Peak cars

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  4. Thank you! :)
  5. VeloW updated MoreCarMovement with a new update entry:

    MoreCarMovement 1.2 + Tarmac Terrors cars + experimental version

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  6. VeloW updated MoreCarMovement with a new update entry:

    same as 1.2 but added dash-cam

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  7. I have a 27" screen and sit 23" away, Mr pix recommends FOV to be 64x2
    So these are my settings:-
    <CameraAdjustment class="Head">
    <Fov angle="128" />
    <Tilt percent="110" />
    <Position x="0.0" y="0.0" z="-140.0" />
    These settings with the -140.0 puts my wheel in line with virtual wheel, works for me.
    Great Mod by the way
    This is how I see it from my eye view:- 1420x769.jpg
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2015
  8. Haha great, I just made a picture of my viewpoint to reply to you, was indeed wondering how your settings would look.
    Looks good indeed, I expected a horrible tunnel view. Not sure about calculations but 128 must be about 55 for triple screen.
    Makes it very clear how important user settings are!

    Here is mine:

    On a side note, over the years I started to adjust FOV in racing sims by judging the angle of a 90 degree corner.
    - if a 90 degree corner looks like a hairpin, FOV is too low.
    - if it looks like a slight bend in the road, FOV is too high.

    That's a bit simplified but I hope it shows what I mean.
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  9. Think it proves the point you can't generalise settings as everyone's set up is different, helps those that have the same set up as you by posting them.
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  10. VeloW updated MoreCarMovement with a new update entry:

    for 0.7 update.

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  11. Consider bringing back the Standard version?

    Although Immersive is good, there is too much car shake on screen for my taste. You currently have it tied into the camera shake % slider right? Is it possible to make 0% be your old "Standard" and 10%+ be the new "Immersive?"

    *btw, thanks for the super quick updates; this mod is essential for my enjoyment :)
  12. The only difference between 'standard' and 'immersive' is the addition of slight car shake under braking, at high speed, when drifting, at wheelspin.
    Do you mean that extra shake is too much, or the movement in general?

    Did not tie it to slider, was always like that. It just controls the amount of movement (a bit). Can't use it to switch between the two.

    I will try some things, maybe add versions with different levels. Problem is that if I reduce the car movement, the horizon movement increases. It's a fine line...

    Quick? Yes when new update I can't drive without it so I have to update too ;)

    Thanks for your comments guys!
  13. Hi Velo,

    I've been using your standard version since the beginning, I seriously cannot race without your mod! And with the extended FoV just released in v0.7, I have my near perfect setup (Until full VR is released.) :D

    I'm starting to get used to the Immersive, but under drifting/wheelspin specifically the car seems to shake so much my eyes blur lol. It could be my particular setup, I sit pretty close to a 42" screen in a cockpit for proper FoV, so all that extra shaking on screen has been jarring to my eyes.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2015
  14. That is so nice to hear :)
    It still baffles me that there is so little response or understanding about a realistic cockpit view in racing sims.

    So the shakes are too much in your setup. For me (triples, FOV 58, shake default at 50%) it is a moderate effect that enhances the immersion (yep) and happens in a real racing car for what I have seen. Proves once again all preferences and setups are different!

    I'll put a new version up in a minute. (Slight change in the offsets giving less longitudal movement but still the same responsiveness). It includes the same version but with limited movement. Tell me if that also reduces your shakes ;)
  15. Wow awesome! I'll check it out tonight.

    Just to be clear on my end, I really like the base "flowing/fluid/natural" movements of the car with your Standard mod, it's the extra "rapid/vibrating/shaking" part of the Immersion mod that's giving my eyes issues during drifting/wheelspin/braking etc. ;)

    *Either way I will use whichever one you continue to support!
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2015
  16. They updated the optional rear view mirror to work in RallyCross cockpit/dash cams now, looking forward to your new version!

    Also please don't worry about the limited movement version just for me, I believe my TV's refresh rate/pixel transition times are causing those jarring issues when the car shakes, so it's really on my side. :)
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2015
  17. @tehjer
    thanks for the feedback. bummer must buy new TV :p
    dropped the limited ...