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Misc More Natural Colors | Realistic Lighting | All Tracks 2.0

More Natural Colors in Game

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  1. Very good!! :)
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  2. Looking at the screen, reminds me of the 1990's filter from F1 2013; this blueish.
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  3. I really like it what you have done with those Colours , btw I using right now :thumbsup:
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  4. I downloaded the newest version, but none of the 5 additional track files are included in v1.2. The "Version 1.1 with 5 Additional Tracks Mod" folder is there, but it only has the standard in game track files within.
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  5. What the... First, Russia and Austria are non-existent files. Second, my game doesn't launch anymore and the backup files are incorrect. Does not even contain Australia, for example.

    I would of reset all files, but fortunately I knew there would be some idiot that cannot create proper mods. Won't download anything from you anymore.
  6. Oh God... Sorry xD Was a little bit tired this morning :o
  7. Please, you could create the same mod for F1 2013 ???

    thank you
  8. agnus rock silva

    agnus rock silva
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    one question...the result final installed is this picture is above or under of the post ?
  9. Don't know whats your problem mate... xD Everything works fine for me!!! Download current Version of this mod and test it again.
    I apologize for making some mistakes but why do you say idiot to me?
    I'm not a robot or computer, every human makes mistakes, mate..
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  10. Its the second picture :)
  11. nice one!

    Thanks ;)
  12. There is no default files for Russia&Austria.And Hockenheim. :)
  13. Delete the Files! :)
    It works, trust me. Hard to explain, but it will work :)
  14. My eyes are bleeding after 30 minutes of playin with this mod.
    And there is no backup files for Austria, Hockenheim and Sochi. :thumbsdown: