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Misc More Grip Mod v.3

Chanded Game Grip

  1. carlosmav submitted a new resource:

    MORE GRIP mod - Chanded Game Grip

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  2. Good job... I wil try it later.

    But, the new grip only affects your car or affects the Ai cars too?
  3. Thanks !!! From what I could see, only affects the player's car.
  4. airutonpurosuto8912


    Can you try making McLaren faster with this? ;)
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  5. Exactly what I was thinking xD
  6. ...or Mercedes slower! Is it possible to do less grip?
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  7. I have tried 6% version... In expert mode I'm in the Mercedes times with the McLaren. I have played only practice 1. Let's see what happen in the other practices and of course in qualifying...

    I will tell... but it seems that it works.
  8. I am doing the same, and I do "feel" a noticeable difference. I didn't want to go to 10% just in case it was too much. I will have to check my laptimes though to see if I am improving but, the cars do feel more comfortable to drive.
  9. Any chance for one with 5% less grip in the dry and 10% less in the wet ???
  10. :) THX
  11. carlosmav updated MORE GRIP mod with a new update entry:


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  13. Do you know what is camera files? :thumbsup::)
  14. Can you please do a 0.1% 0.2% and 0.3% or tell me how to do it? I have Fileviewer pro so i can open the .ERP File but i dont know where te change the settings.
  15. Good job I tried the mod "mclaren" and notice the difference in input and output curves .... what is the difference between using the mod "mclaren" and use for example grip to 10%? which makes it go faster? .... I ask you a favor, I hope that you can add to these mod reducing tire wear thanks :)
  16. please add 20%,30% or even 40%
    I tried 10% and Mclaren Mod , and still struggle with keyboard:)
  17. thanks. well done.:cool:
  18. 20% is enough,thanks:cool:
  19. nice mod but theres something u should fix like 4 example if u play in legende mode the IA in melbourne with rain do 1.40minute for lap,when i do 1.34min, like if they races at easy mode thats alot unbalanced