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Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by stop, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. I am running the graphics at highest settings, and for some reason, some of the trees are transparent and you can see the other stuff through them? Am I the only one experiencing this issue and is there a fix to the issue if i am
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  2. I think you need to lower the anti-alaising (under 4x?) to fix this. Try.

  3. Are you watching the trees when you're driving? :D
    And yes I have the same transparent trees but I haven't tried any fixes cause they just don't bother me.
  4. Disable transparency AA in player.json file
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  5. Just tried that and it worked :) Thanks

    The reason why i cared is im hoping to drive in fsr soon, so im gonna be practicing each track and join when im ready, and when driving Monza its actually quite distracting. Also is there any setups for Monza for the mod available?

  6. If u brake later and u must cut T1, a kerb off-track is invisible wall, 80-0 kmh hitting it.
  7. I think brake boards are wrong.
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  8. Any chance of making the brake boards, on all tracks, "drive through-able" like we did on rFactor 1, so that they keep standing if someones vehicle goes through them?
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  9. *sarcasm on*
    Lets make the cars "drive through-able" too... lol
    *sarcasm off*

    I thought we want as much realistic racing as possible?
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  10. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium

    Taking down brake markers is the best
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  11. WC race at Hockenheim there were no brake markers at the hairpin since lap 5.
  12. I never use brake markers :)
  13. I don't see the rubbered line on the track. Anyone else have this problem? Started after the latest version of Monza..
  14. Yep same. You can feel the rubber but you don't actually see the track changing.
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  15. I can't test offline. I usually do a race start simulation from P26 to see if I have huge fps drops (like I had in Indianapolis tests).
  16. It's a bit high object, not wall technically. Might be fixed for next update if I have time.
    0% RR. 100% RR.
    Why is this exactly a problem? After all complaints about how the game applies wrong cut penalties at Hockenheim. We are not relying on automated cut-checks.
  17. OK, if you say it was made intentionally this is not a problem.
  18. If you cut intentionally you will get an intentional penalty mate.
  19. Not funny. Right now I can do a 1.16 lap without penalty if I want to. I'doubt Race Director can watch all drivers simultaneously. So qualifying can be a joke in that case, because somebody can do a lap with big cut without telling and obviously spoil everybody's race.
  20. And get banned from FSR in the process. Such as one David Bullet.