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Tracks Monza Historic 2.0

Monza Historic for GSCEx

  1. Patrick Giranthon submitted a new resource:

    Monza Historic - Monza Historic for GSCEx

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  2. would still love to see reiza's take on an eagle/49-like
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  3. Thanks. :thumbsup:
    Drove it now and it's very enjoyable. Too bad that (some) objects/models and especially trees look awful on these rFactor tracks, but it is what it is. It's an old graphics engine/game...The road itself feels/looks great as usual, though, and the curbs are ok as well. I suppose you also added the grass/sand textures...

    I guess only Reiza guys can make tracks that actually look impressive on this outdated graphics engine. :)
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  4. Thank You !
  5. Fantastic Feel with this track Thank You !!
    I do however notice a bug. I qualified third for a race and there was no starting lights visible. Is this a limitation with this track? Makes getting a good race start imposable.
  6. hex


    Thaaaaank you :rolleyes:
  7. Trees are the weak point of my skills. And with a track with so many trees, It could take so many weeks to update. But honestly, it is not too bad. I can put back the original ones if you want :p.

    Comparing with the original track, i think we can say we have overall a big improvement. You can find the same track on more modern games, and they are mostof time simple conversions.
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  8. Will look at this. For the moment you can do a good start with watching the hud, when the time starts to be counted.
  9. hex


    No one's watching damn trees when going 180mph :p
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  10. Yes, first positions are not advantaged, but it is due to track configuration here. Some other tracks are like this, looking at the hud start Time is a good solution. The oculus rift can be another solution :roflmao:
  11. I imagine dense tree tops must be especially hard to model so that they look good. And placement must also be a very time consuming project...

    I agree, overall it's adequate and you don't really notice when racing...just some trees have a very bad 2D texture/image and it caught my attention.
    It's ok, though, I don't complain.
  12. Alex' trees are rotating. It is not X shapes used in common sims. Dont know how to do that for the moment.
  13. I get this bug (?) with FReiza. Of the other cars only tried Metalmoro and that one works fine.
    Just installed the custom uiData from the mod section here. Could that have anything to do with it ?

    Epilepsy warning :)
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  14. Dont know. Erase UIData to know ;-)