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Misc Monza - Dynamic Track & New Textures/Lighting 2.0

Built for the Dynamic Seasons Mod, Also works as Stand Alone..

  1. igearzone16 submitted a new resource:

    **Monza** Dynamicly changing track, 3D, HD, New Textures, New Lighting System - Dynamic Seasons Mod Track, Also works as Stand Alone..

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  2. Sounds great but would love some screenshots :)
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  3. there you go dude, I posted a video, hope that helps
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  4. Why does the monza track and Montreal track loose trees with your mod, I love all your mods but don't like these because of this
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  5. because I base it on real life track. there is nowhere near that many trrs close to the track. its against safety regulations, codemasters puts a lot of trees to hide buildings from the game engine that are part of the dynamic environment
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