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Montreal Goes Crazy

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Danni Fugl, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Hi All out There

    I don't usually do post's about F1, but this GP was just too insane to be unspoken

    what a race. I havnt been so exited since Brazil 2008. even though im a big Ferrari fan, i was a Mclaren fan today (Vettel have to be stopped) And the last laps I was all "COME ON JENSON! KILL KILL KILL" and shacking.
    sad not to see Schumacher make it to the podium, but thats life.
    Now we just have to se what the officials is gonna do about the Mclaren clash, and the one with Fernando. but as far as i see it, alot was happening today, and wet race's are always causing some troubles.

    But let's hear what you think :D
  2. The race was awesome, but the start with the SC is a shame...
  3. Schumiii so close :(
  4. sorry Ryan. it just wasnt that important that i felt for a hole RD forum
  5. The race was nothing but a perfect example of how the most silly invention of the last 20 years can destroy the outcome completely.
    F1 is way too artificial these days. Sure the kids like it cos so much is happening, but for purists, it's a shame to watch.

    As for the rest, embarrassed to see the drivers still keep crashing every race. Maybe think about putting real talents into the cars instead of paydrivers or proven suckers like Heidfeld. Somehow such drivers get a seat every year for no reason.
  6. My point was that you could have joined in the discussion there, with a much wider audience and community to discuss it with, rather than cooped up in the FSR forum :)
  7. Well that wasnt too positive
  8. I am a renault fan (even though i dont like nick :p ) and was nice to see petrov finish high up its good for his confidence :) its a shame about kobyashi and schumacher both of those drove very smart races until the end and deserved higher and as much as i dont like jenson he deserved to win after that drive. See he can make mistakes under pressure so the rest of the season is shaping up to be close :)
  9. yes hopfully. and if the redbull's secret is the cold-blowing, that will also be over. so lets hope they can catch him, and have a last gp like last year
  10. i totally agree last years finale was the best in ages! lets hope ferarri mclaren and maybe even renault and mercedes can play a factor in this championship
  11. 2008 final race was more epic :)
  12. it had the wrong outcome though :tongue:
  13. That race was absolutly awesome. I did not like it was started behind the SC though, but in the end I did not care much. I was cheering so loud I might have woken up our neighbors when Button overtook Vettel.

    @Johannes 2008 was the right outcome :p

    @Dennis If you wanna have pure racing, F1 isn't the thing to watch at all, and has not been for ages.
  14. That's true in a way, although without the DRS ****, things were a lot more realistic.
    The systems don't even work properly for some of the cars. I think the FIA tried to make F1 more interesting in a much rushed way and this time, just overdid it massively.
    It's embarrassing if you look at what they have tried in past years, TC on, TC off, no tyre changes, back to tyre changes, Kers on, Kers off, Kers on, engine reduction, tyre dimension changes, tyre manufacturer swap, CFD wing?, no CFD wing, no refuelling, ban this, ban that, all sorts of sporting regulation changes and what not.

    Solution would be so simple, use proper race cars with huge tyres and less aero, and be done with it. Champcars do it in a way and honestly that's the better race series (if it wasn't for the crappy drivers). But that of course would be so old fashioned and would not be "green". I say that's bollocks. Kers isn't something revolutionary at all, neither something that would be useful for road car manufacturing (as they have similar systems in place already or will have in any case).
    Cost reduction through less testing and longer engine lifetime? Sounds awesome, but no one will tell you that now there are costs in return, like for actually making the engine more durable, or spending tons of money on more and more advanced simulation systems or wind tunnels which in the end turn out to produce wrong results anyway.

    Not to forget, drivers aren't even able to test cars and tyres in all conditions (e.g. rain) properly anymore before a season starts. Rookies aren't able to get used to the cars properly, or prove themselves in test sessions. Result, half of the field are paydrivers. And even established drivers keep crashing because of that, Hamilton is by far not the only one.

    Now what, for 2013 they'll use 4 zylinders? Hallelujah.

    For me, F1 must be the highest category of racing. That includes testing time, refuelling, more powerful engines but less aero, with clear regulations around it. The cars must be monsters, and every team should be able to make the most out of their campaign, just let them do whatever they want. Have us fans see racing like it should be, with the best drivers, without bans or changes of this and that after every year.
    Then at the end of the season force the winners to give away X percent of their turnover to charity or environmental associations. A lot more "green" than having some fake Kers or fake cost reductions.
  15. canada was awesome anyone who didnt enjoy it is just realy realy strange... drs lovers or not.. theracing was great..

    F1 has got back what it missed.. unpredictability.. its not about overtaking etc like fia think it is.. its about being unpredictable.. and last year and this year it is..

    i must admit drs cost schumacher a podium which was a shame wa i was rooting for him but it also stopped vettel winning so im happy about that... kind of a trade off realy..

    Id much prefer to see 2003 cars back though :) like you say dennis be pure again././
  16. For me the DRS is a system that we give to us an artificial overtakes. The driver can't defend by himself (Shumacher with Webber or Button).
    For me this isnt the filosofy of Formula 1 where overtake is easy and you don't have to put effort in the movement.

    An overtake with DRS is like sex without orgasm!!!
  17. lol !!!!!

    i like that haha but one thing f1 has never been about overtaking...
  18. i think in f1 they just want to create more action but by introducing drs theyve made even less because its just too easy at least with kers you have a chance to fight for the position. But it was still a superb race and it proves in f1 you dont need luck , you create your own luck ;)...i love that saying hehe
  19. Now I can see better what you mean Dennis, thanks.

    Yea I agree with that. I like the new F1 though, in some way.
    But I think, maybe because it's the first year, but the DRS Zones just suck in my view. I think it should be possible, but not that easy how we saw it already this year and e.g in canada.
    But what I like about DRS is that, we got rid of the boring following of everyone and wait for stops. The drivers now push to get in the 1 seconds, which is good, that they don't go behind by 3 seconds to get clean air and wait for stops.
    I also think, just shorten aeros would help, but I think in these high technique times they still would find ways to solve their problems.

    About the testing, that is really a joke. Especially for the rookies.
    About refuelling well, I don't care too much, but it really should not be looked into the money. As you said it's the highest class, so please, you can't look for a green image, it's motorsport. I mean, What the Hell?