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Montreal - Canada (Dry)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Setups' started by Kyle Dunning, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Car



    Front Wing Angle: 8
    Rear Wing Angle: 8

    Balance: F 46% - R 54%
    Pressure: High
    Brake Size: Small

    Front Anti-Roll Bar: 1
    Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 11

    Front Ride Height: 1
    Rear Ride Height: 1
    Front Spring Stiffness: 11
    Rear Spring Stiffness: 11

    Gear 1: 132 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 2: 160 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 3: 190 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 4: 220 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 5: 252 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 6: 285 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 7: 324 kph / xxx mph

    Fuel Map: -

    Camber Front: -3.50
    Camber Rear: -1.50
    Toe Front: 0.10
    Toe Rear: 0.35


    Love the Montreal track, always on the limit, lots of high speed. I am sure I could improve on the time I set, but not by a lot, generally happy to reach the 1:07s with this setup. Time posted: 1:07:858
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  2. @ Kyle

    Do you think a Ferrari/RedBull setup would work fine on a McLaren? Sorry if you were already asked this before.
  3. I believe any setup will work on any car in time trial, because all cars are equal.
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  4. Awesome setups Kyle. Keep up the good work mate, and thanks alot. ;)
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  5. Great set ups these Kyle, really liked your pre patch set ups also, actually used them in multiplayer online races to great effect.
    Only issue i have is when i race with tyre wear on in longer sessions these set ups really hurt my tyres early on, making the car a real handful after a few laps.
    could you please suggest any tweaks to these settings that would make the tyres last longer(im talking about for all tracks not just Canada here)?

    Great stuff thanks mate.
  6. Should change anti roll bars down to 6-6 or something. Also bring rear camber down to the default -1.00

    You can usually get away with -3.50 on front tyre camber on most tracks, except places like Monaco which naturally kills your front tyres due to the nature of the track.

    Not just that, it is a matter of driving style, in a long race distance you have to be going at 95% of your speed to conserve tyres for more important parts of the race, if your pulling out qualifying lap after qualifying lap, expect your tyres to degrade quickly.
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  7. i dont believe they are, feels totally different between redbull and mclaren to me

    do u have all assists off?
  8. ppl are doining online in quali simular times whitout assist and whit primes,
  9. I very strongly believe that any car in Time Trial is equal.
    If you did a career mode, or an online race with the settings on 2011 performance on cars, then they would all be completely different.

    I have used Mclaren, Red Bull and Ferrari in Time Trial, and they all feel exactly the same.
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  10. hey kylie just love ur setups........but at online racing with fuel load on tyre wear on what should i change at monaco track for more speed as this set up is good at time trial but not at online?
  11. Yea this is a time trial setup, therefore it is not based for a car with fuel and tyre wear.

    Monaco is a tough one, because the tyre wear is huge there, probably more then any track.
    A lot of things need to be changed:
    -Wings probably need to be lower, because there is no DRS all the time.
    -The gears need to be sorted out, specially the 6th and 7th gear to get the most out of the tunnel section.
    -The camber has definitely got to be adjusted, i would probably go with both on default to be honest, so the tyres can last longer.
    -Anti roll bars, probably would lower the front anti roll bar to help with tyre wear, rear could stay on 1.

    All a matter of trying it out, test it, if it sucks, restart a race and try again. :)

    Edit: When I do my time trial setups, I can often spend 1-2 hours on one setup alone, I will try dozens of combinations, I am constantly trying to get the best out of the car, and if something is not working, then I need to go and change something.
    When I finally nail that great lap which I am really satisfied with, then that becomes my setup.
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  12. great setup Kyle!!!!!!and all your setups is great!!!!!!
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  13. Some nice laps there, it seems you are losing a second in time around Montreal compared to me, here are some tips you could work on for the lap.

    -Soon as you come onto the pit lane straight, get all your DRS and KERS on it, it just looks like your coming into the first corners slower compared to my laps.

    -You are losing a lot of time on turn 3+4 chicane, you can attack the inside curb a lot more there, it takes some practice but you can get through there with minimal braking.

    -The second chicane seems fine to me, I think you could make the third chicane quicker though, try braking just before the shadow the tunnel gives and turn in over the inside curb.

    -The last chicane is always tricky, it is so easy to cut track on the inside or hit the wall, but there is a lot of time to be made there for getting it spot on.

    -One big thing I did notice, too much twitching on the straights, try and make small changes of direction and keep it on the racing line through the long straights, also I save 1/3 to 1/2 of my KERS for the longest straight, usually deploy KERS just after the small left turn after the hairpin.

    Thanks for using my setups, peace :)
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  14. Heloo
    Nice to meet you I am new here and new on x box f1 I just did the test of your setup - I made good time lap on it, like I said I am beginer but your setup helps me make 1,09 on Montreal, Today I have a next training and my plan is 1,08700 I thing I will make it,on the next practice maybe I will add next couple of 0,0.....BR
  15. Car


    Front Wing Angle:8
    Rear Wing Angle:8/9

    Balance: F 46% - R 54%
    Brake Size:small

    Front Anti-Roll Bar:9
    Rear Anti-Roll Bar:3

    Front Ride Height:2
    Rear Ride Height:1
    Front Spring Stiffness:10
    Rear Spring Stiffness:11

    Gear 1: 128 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 2: 159 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 3:191 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 4: 222 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 5: 257 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 6: 288 kph/ xxx mph
    Gear 7: 323 kph / xxx mph

    Fuel Map:

    Camber Front:3.50
    Camber Rear:1.50
    Toe Front:0.8
    Toe Rear:0.26

    option / prime / inter / wet
    Notes the time 1:8,300
    I run with remote control and alluded ps3, and ice mibuelta in only three tries, it can be enhanced. call was not a clean laps all
  16. Truly exellent setup! A bit rough on the tyres but enough speed to make up for it.

  17. I can go down to 1.7.

    Gills Villneuve Montreal Canada



    Front Wing Angle:2
    Rear Wing Angle:6

    Balance: F 50% - R 50%
    Pressure: HIGH
    Brake Size:STND

    Front Anti-Roll Bar: 10
    Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 6

    Front Ride Height:1
    Rear Ride Height:1
    Front Spring Stiffness:11
    Rear Spring Stiffness:6

    Gear 1: 131 kph
    Gear 2: 162 kph
    Gear 3: 194 kph
    Gear 4: 225 kph
    Gear 5: 258 kph
    Gear 6: 291 kph
    Gear 7: 328 kph

    Fuel Map: Mix 3
    Fuel: 6

    Camber Front: 3.5
    Camber Rear: 1.4
    Toe Front: .08
    Toe Rear:.35

    option 111.451

    No Aides except TC MED
  19. CarForce India Mercedes

    Race Type
    Career Race

    Front Wing Angle: 7
    Rear Wing Angle: 5

    Balance: F 53% - R 47%
    Pressure: High
    Brake Size: Standard

    Front Anti-Roll Bar: 3
    Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 5

    Front Ride Height: 4
    Rear Ride Height: 4
    Front Spring Stiffness: 9
    Rear Spring Stiffness: 9

    Gear 1: 130 kph | xxx mph
    Gear 2: 162 kph | xxx mph
    Gear 3: 194 kph | xxx mph
    Gear 4: 224 kph | xxx mph
    Gear 5: 259 kph | xxx mph
    Gear 6: 294 kph | xxx mph
    Gear 7: 335 kph | xxx mph

    Fuel Map: Standard
    Fuel: XX

    Camber Front: -3.00
    Camber Rear: -1.30
    Toe Front: 0.13
    Toe Rear: 0.35


    best lap in race 1.14.164
    comments appreciated
    i'm always open to better myself

    Career Info:
    Playing on: G27
    Setting: Expert
    AI Difficulty Level: Legend
    Braking Assist: OFF
    ABS: OFF
    Traction Control: OFF
    Gearbox: Manuel
    Tyre Simulation: ON
    Fuel Simulation: ON​
  20. great setup just made 1.10.784 and cat cut bit more i think.nice one mate.i nearly forgot that was on prime tires.