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Monthly donation reminder August 2009

Discussion in 'Site Feedback & Support' started by Ramon van Rijn, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member

    Just a friendly reminder for all nice people to help us surviving on the net.
    Last month we unfortunately could not reach our goal, but still we look healthy enough to keep on going.

    Thanks for all donations so far guys.
  2. Knut Omdal Tveito

    Knut Omdal Tveito
    Premium Member

    275 EUR and its only the 6th. That was fast!
  3. David Buxton

    David Buxton
    Premium Member

    I was thinking the same thing :D

    9 people donated this month so far... Someone must have donated for a year :wink:
  4. Guys,i am sorry to tel you this because i really want do donate and help RaceDepartment,but i am only 16 years old,and i don't have a job to get money and i don't have a Money Card.Only my parents have.I will try to ask them if they let me pay from they'r cards. :)
  5. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    David, I hope your parents dont think you have to pay to enjoy RaceDepartment.
  6. O no.They don't.They know all i am doing.
  7. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member

    Fantastic result last month guys. Thanks for keeping us alive. We even had some reverse coming in. :)
  8. Donation went in on Monday.
  9. David Buxton

    David Buxton
    Premium Member

    315 EUR (79%) with 37 donators so far works out at approx 8.50euros each.
    Alot of the donators I have never raced with...

    EDIT:- Just a useless bit of info from me there