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Monthly Add-On Content Planned

Discussion in 'GRID 2' started by Leon Charmant, May 22, 2013.

  1. Taken from Codies' blog:

    • New DLC will be released every month until October
    • First three packs announced - Super Modified Car Pack – June- Drift Car Pack – July- Peak Performance Car Pack – July
    • All released add-on packs will be for all three platforms
    Also, CM have hinted on their forums that they are working to add additional licensed tracks in the future.

    Full post

    GRID 2 Community,

    Games have evolved over the years and whilst once upon a time a development team would move straight onto the next project when the game was complete, through the adoption of downloadable content we're now able to build extra content for our games and offer you, our players, an extended experience.

    If you're familiar with games development you'll know that these last few weeks are rather hectic as the game moves towards manufacturing. However, as some teams are ramping up - polishing the game and so on - some teams may be scaling down – designers for instance. Parts of the team who have seen their work on GRID 2 completed can start looking towards the future, looking at how we can support the game and how we can give people the chance to acquire fresh content to extend the game.

    We’ve seen what were the odd mention of potential GRID 2 DLC online turn into fully fledged discussions, so we thought we’d confirm that yes, there are people working away at new content for the game already and give you some insight as to what you can expect.

    First up, you may have seen that there are a number of GRID 2 pre-order bonuses available. These will make up part of the first wave of DLC and they will all be available separately once GRID 2 has launched. Following this, we will be looking to release fresh new content each month and you can expect the first pack to be released towards the end of June, all things going to plan (note: this is a plan that is ultimately subject to change based on a number of factors, as is the way in games development).

    Beyond that, we’re looking at releasing DLC every month until October, ensuring that not only do you get a game that is packed full of content but you also get almost half a year of fresh new content to play, if you want it, the first three packs you’ll see below:

    • Super Modified Car Pack – June
    • Drift Car Pack – July
    • Peak Performance Car Pack – July
    You may notice that some of the information for the packs above is located within the game, this is essentially the early ground work, text strings and hooks that make it easier for the team to add DLC post release without the need for a large patch.

    I'd also like to take two minutes to put some fears to rest. First off we've heard a number of our PC players are concerned that any DLC won't be coming to the platform. I'm pleased to say that we will be supporting all formats with our content packs, including PC.

    We look forward to seeing you in-game, both at launch and for many months down the line.

    Ben Walke | Loore
    GRID 2 Community Manager
  2. Not a fan of this. At all. Especially if it'll be like DiRT 3, where the content was already on-disc and you were simply paying to unlock it whenever Codemasters deemed it to be "released."
  3. You can't blame Codemasters for that, it's the way the gaming industry is headed already for quite some now. I'm just glad that we'll get to see more cars and, even more important, more licensed tracks in the future. The industry is changing and, as much as we are used to the old way of things, consumers have to change with it and that's that.

    GRID 2's multiplayer will be excellent for having fun nights and will provide plenty of laughs for everyone :)
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    With monthly DLC's Codemasters is heading towards a really dangerous territory where its easy to ask simply too much from your already paying customers.

    If the base price of the game would be very low monthly paid addon content can be justified but with the steep prize of the basegame its easy to upset your customers with strategies like this.

    I hope they know what they are doing as this might easily backfire when the aggressive minority voices their opinion (again),
  5. No, see, it's not cool when companies leave out half the game's content on purpose, still charge full price for the game, and then make you pay extra for the other half of the content, which sometimes divides the userbase online and occasionally creates unbalanced gameplay. I mean, why would you release paid DLC, and have it be less useful than on-disc content? Gotta give the people some incentive to buy it, right?

    The correct way to do it, is to release the game, let it gain a following, and THEN, act all surprised that you have a giant amount of fans, and THEN throw out a bit of DLC to freshen the game up. Project Gotham Racing did this, and especially in the case of PGR4, the one lone DLC pack doubled the longevity of the game, just as it was starting to lose popularity.

    DO NOT announce a major DLC plan and trailers for said DLC, three weeks before the game is even released to the public. Especially when your fans are doing nothing but criticizing you on your facebook page for removing features that are essential to racing games.

    It just all looks really bad on Codemasters part. Nothing good can come from this.
  6. What you propose is an excellent idea, honestly. Just tell that to the games industry, maybe they'll change it to your and my liking :rolleyes:

    Sooner or later the industry will ditch this DLC-driven craze, but only when they realise it's working against them. Currently they're making tons of money off of it and sadly that's what it has come to. Some may think that because I'm a CM fan I'll do anything to defend them, but I'm just trying to make a general observation. It looks bad on every developer, not just CM.

    When I said ''we have to change with it and that's that'', I was by no means implying I approve of this sales model. Quite the contrary.. I think CM should stand up against this sales model and adopt an approach like you mentioned, but that would almost certainly mean less profit for them and I don't think they have the guts to do that :thumbsdown:
  7. wow wow wow, did codemasters REALLY release a game with content on the disc, then make people pay to unlock that content?


    that's ****ing disgusting. say goodbye to every future dollar i was ever going to spend on your products. that should be illegal. that would be like me selling a car to someone and saying 'oh, by the way, if you'd like to use the CD player that's inside your car that you bought, give me another $10 and i'll give you the code for it'
  8. "can't blame codemasters for this"
    really? i can't blame codemasters for CHOOSING to lock extra content on a disc to milk extra money out of it's fans?

    i'm pretty sure i can blame them. no one made them do it. no one told them they had to. that's just pure greed.
  9. Easy, it's only an assumption. Let's continue this discussion in a civilized way, without the use of caps.

    If it were the case, I completely share your opinion. And, if it were true, you could indeed blame the developers for adopting that approach to a certain extent. A decision like that would be theirs, yes. But CM would not be the first to do it, they would (although certainly not to our liking) just be following a growing trend.
  10. This isn't a valid excuse to take half the cars out of the game, still charge full price, and THEN ask you to pay for more cars and tracks on top of that, that are already on the disc at launch, like DiRT 3.
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  11. It's a tedious situation and I do agree, but we're not going to change anything about it. Not unless everyone boycotts DLC-driven games, but you know that's not going to happen. Unfortunately, for most companies there'd still be enough sales to convince them that the current business model is appropriate. At the end of the day the wallet speaks louder than words.
  12. Hatta


    It's not going to be on the disk. It's all new content.
  13. how did we let gaming fall so far, that game makers make a game, remove parts of it, sell the half game for full price then charge more money for the rest of the game.
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  14. let me just leave it with this.
    as a long time consumer, DLC makes me feel cheated. day one DLC makes me mad. i won't participate in either, and seriously consider if i even want a game that involves DLC, because i end up feeling that part of it is missing when i do not buy the DLC. the future of gaming worries me, it seems DLC is becoming more and more prevalent, and **** like this, where you have content probably already made, and planned and ready to go is ridiculous. it is just greed. pure greed.