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Monitor & TV

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Scoota111, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. I have p4 3.2 HT with 1gig ram and 9550/ X1050 256mb card. GT Legends ran really well on my old 19" CRT but now with 22" widescreen I can't find a setting i like. It runs ok at 1026*768 but stretches the 4:3 image. If I try any Widescreen resolutions it Lags badly. The moniter can do 1680*1050 but I can't run this res well. Any Suggestions?
  2. Im sorry to say that your graphics card just isnt good enough to run in high resolutions. You might try widescreen resolution like 1280x720 in 16 but perhaps you have allready tried them.
    You need to buy new graphics card for higher resolutions and for better picture.

  3. Hmm I had this experience running San Andreas on my crap pc. It runs smoothly on the same res as my desktop res (1024x768) but if I try any widescreen formats, the game looks totally messed up. You need a better card, as Jari said. But 1024x768 is 4:3 format so why should it stretch it?
  4. Thanks for your help.

    I wonder which AGP X8 card would be worth upgarding to before I am bottlenecked by the CPU or Ram (1 gig pc3200 @400mhz Dual Channel)
  5. nvidia GeForce 6600GT
    nvidia GeForce 7800GS

    ATi X1650
    ATi X1950
    ATi Radeon 9600
  6. Christopher Aponte

    Christopher Aponte
    Premium Member

    ATI also released a Radeon 3850 for the agp
    so you might check that out
  7. In car LCD output to second monitor?

    Hey all

    As I have a dual view setup (for work really), my second screen is predominantly idle during my racing .... so I was wondering if there are any plug-ins, software apps or even in-game settings that can output the contents of the in-car LCD screen to my second monitor?

    Thanks for any info ...
  8. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member

    The tool is version related to Race07, make sure you have the right version of the PD tool to match the current Race version. Don't know exactly, but could be that Joan has not yet found the time to make it compatible with the latest Race07 version.
  9. Seems like its not working for me ... managed to install and configure Motec earlier this evening but not had much time to play with it yet - only thing is, if I go online for the V-WTCC, I am not getting any data logging ... is this normal or have I got to change more settings somewhere (not had chance to try any online races to see if they are the same yet)?
  10. Marcel Hulsbergen

    Marcel Hulsbergen
    #111 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium Member

    My AGP / ATI / Race experience is bad, i think NVIDIA is a better choice for Race 07. In my older pc i tried several ATI's and they all gave me stutters. I changed it for NVIDIA, look for 7600GT or if you can't find one go for the 7600GS, worked like charm on my old pc.

    I also have a few suggestions:
    Look in the bios for AGP aperture size, make it as small as possible and do a test, do the same with the highest setting and see if it gives any differences.
    Also disable Hyperthreading and do a test run.
  11. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member

    Its not working because its for version From memory we are now on (not sure).

    When Joan is back and has time, I am sure he is willing to update the tool.
  12. Spotted that but thanks for confirming my suspicions ... I checked the version info myself earlier this evening and thought that might be the case ... nice little application - gives me something far more useful to see on the 2nd monitor except frame rates and computer temps :wink:
  13. In case anyone else is interested, this tool works with current Race07 version (plus GTL/GTR2/rFactor) ... has a server and client and the default client even shows lateral G's and stuff - which is nice ;-)

    SimTools > Home

    Using LCDstudio, you can create your own layouts too for your lcd's ... if you are that way inclined :p

    EDIT: Some data is not being acquired in Race07 v1112 - brake temps, throttle and brake position, tyre pressures ... guess an update is required
    LINK: to RSC thread from author
    SimTools 1.1 released! - RaceSimCentral Forums
  14. Thx Lee, I'll give it a try.
  15. Dennis May

    Dennis May
    Premium Member

    would it be possible to have an LCD mounted on your G25 and get the Infos onto it?
  16. It seems so ... check the forums on the simtools home page ... you can also use LCDstudio to design your own layout from what I see (there are input and output plugins, sure there will be one for the G25).
    Think there are other tools to do this as well, but not having a G25, never investigated it myself.
  17. Creating a batch file for launching Race07 and monitoring tools

    Last night I finally got a bit fed up of having to launch all the different apps I regularly use when heading out on track with Race07, eg. Logitech profiler (used for shift key associations), and then having to launch SimAdapter, SimView, and finally Race 07 ...

    So I took a step back in time (for me) and wrote a simple little batch file ... if you are curious and not sure how this is done, then here is more info to help:

    First, open notepad enter text (see example below) and save file as <anything you want>.bat (eg. "Race + utils.bat")

    I then created a shortcut to that file so I could keep it all nice and tidy in my games folder, plus you then have the ability to change the icon to a Race07 icon (method: from the right click properties menu - change icon button ... browse to adn select the Race07 executable in your steam directory) .

    In case anyone wants an idea of the syntax I used, here you go:

    Start command is handy and I used it because .bat file was acting erratically, main fault was halting and waiting for wingman profiler to finish prior to continuing with launching any other apps ...
    /min switch minimises the application on launch ...
    Some more info on start command here:
    Start - Start a program

    One more hint, if you want to launch shortcuts (as in my Race07 shortcut above), then the extension you need to add to your shortcut is ".LNK"

    Now I just hit one instead of 4 shortcuts each time I wanna race ... which is nice :thumb:

    Hope this is of use to at least one of you and I haven't wasted my time typing this up here :wink:
  18. I finally got the 3650 ati (AGP) Graphics Card, and with the AMD "Hot FIX" Driver for AGP motherboards got it installed.

    Now GT-Ledgends runs at 1650*1050 with almost all the options turned on Full.
    I think thats really good for a P4 3.2 HT AGP System.

    Cost me about $130AUD for the new card.

    Thanks again for everyones help.
  19. Good to know that your new card does the job well. Maybe see if you can overclock that P4 a bit? they can hit 3.8-4Ghz with some decent cooling and that should really help with FPS :)