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Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Mehmet Arikan, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. Test it some days ago. Lovely track must have really funny to drive :bowl:
    check at your self here
    and 1.1 update
  2. Ah Monaco, i've been around the track twice,, in the Contiki tour bus hehe, but we did have F1 sounds coming over the speakers though, AND there was a Ferrari gathering in town that weekend, they were all parked in the square in front of the grand casino, some awesome machines too! ;)
  3. Monaco its the best urban circuit, and pilot a f1 there its...:) even in the computer
  4. Cant wait to try this! Hope I got F1 car...
  5. This Monaco track is really nice but cant wait for Monaco done by CTDP for rFactor.
  6. Good track but i have a little problem with it. Monaco is a very specific tracks.
    In the first part of the tracks, the mirrors comes to black then go to normal without reasons (lights or other things).
    Anyone have this pb??

  7. This Monaco track is really nice
  8. oooohhh ... Friday night Mini Endurance race here would be:
    1) Insane
    2) Tricky as hell
    and so ...
    3) Excellent :lol:

    Thanks for the link, am off to try it now :thumb:

    EDIT: BTW - Update V1.1 is just a readme file update containing proper credits ... no other track file changes.
  9. +1 for minis @ monaco! :)
  10. Any Monaco track is worth a look!
    Although it look like one rFactor track, with blurry textures and pointy corners.
    I suppose we must make do with what we have. Will try it soon.
  12. The Mini event around Monaco now that would be superb fun

    Somebody please set this one up (gives Andrew a nudge :)) it would be a blast and i imagine we would not be short of sign ups :)
  13. heh heh - i was about to set those wheels in motion, oh yes indeed :)
  14. Now that would be a friday to look forward to :D
  15. This Monaco track is really nice,thanks