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Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Lee Morris, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Just a quickie guys, just wondering what the opinion is on the monaco track we will be using.. its an f1 2010 conversion, myself i find it extremley hard to put power down and control the car.
  2. The version is awesome, only a bit hard on FPS with other cars on track. Dispite that, I love to drive it already after only 20 laps so far. Great fun.
  3. wow realy ? didnt expect that haha, im having real trouble with it.. cant solve traction issues, car just goes all over place, guess ill have to stick at it !
  4. Thought the exact same thing when i did my first laps, however you better do some setup work,.. if setup aint right this track is a b.tch once setup right its actualy a nice challenge. Setup needed some drastic changes to what ive been using in the past races.

    Also i have seen better tracks in the past, looks is good but i think the layout in a few parts is a bit off.

    Just hope the fps is not going to give big problems for this race.
  5. +1 Mark, I find that we will have to either run with low graphics except for the guys with proper gaming PC's Also this could create another Barhain and on a track like Monaco......
  6. its shaping up to be a great race anyhow :D should be action packed from the start and im looking forward to commentating on all 3 races :D
  7. Liam, Make sure to tell us all of the drivers that lost there f.wing :p Will be a long list Im thinking ;)
  8. haha i will mark , im trying to find someone willing to be a pitlane reporter so they can see any unexpected stops and the such but its going to be one of the most exciting races and im so buzzed for it :D
  9. My fps is same as last years and traction is nice so far
  10. Guys, one general thing about fps issues.

    Noone can help you if you try to drive with 26 cars on track in the race for the first time, as many did in Bahrain.

    So to be safe you should put 30 AI cars on track and simulate a start from the back of the grid and set the details according to it. And if nothing helps to get proper fps report it in the forum.
  11. Maybe we should have an added 10 points for everyone who is able to finish this race - especially in WT - so we may actually see more than 10 cars in one piece .. :p
  12. I foresee CTD issues and collision wall issues.
  13. Yeah, the walls are dodgy as hell. Also, why is it so bumpy? It's like a motocross track. The only real bump you can see on TV is absent from this version of the track.
  14. Yeah, after so many laps today i dont like it, not sure if i will make my come back here or not.. i dont enjoy driving it..
  15. I guarantee that once the drivers fill up in the server there will be random CTDs. And while racing, you are bound to snick a wall somewhere and it will destroy your car.
  16. DD and I just talked about this, and we'll be organizing a test on the server on this coming Saturday.

    The objective of the test will be to find out whether there are some unforeseeable FPS issues that come with having many clients connected to the server on a track like this. Everyone is welcome to join the server for this test, we will most likely run the test without a password on the server. Hopefully at least 30 people will show up so that we can emulate race weekend conditions.

    The plan would be to do a 15-20 minute practice session where the drivers are out on track so that we can gauge the server conditions. Then we can do a few 10 lap fun races (or one longer race), so that the participating drivers can hopefully get something in return for their time spent.

    Since F1 qualifying is also on Saturday, this test would be scheduled around it, either at 12:00 GMT (well before F1 Qualifying) or at 19:00 GMT (an hour or so after F1 Qualifying). A decision on the time of the test will be made by Friday.

    Regarding holes in the guardrails, our track team will try to fix these, but since we only have one person who does the actual editing of the tracks, it is unknown whether he'll have time to do all this.

    In any case, should we need to change tracks, we will do so on this Sunday at the latest, to ensure that everyone would have enough time to get used to the other Monaco version.
  17. It seems that here the option of using the fullproc command works pretty well to improve fps. I have improved around 25fps in a race start simulation (from 50 to 75 as minimum values) with 25 AI cars in front. You can use the fullproc via FSR Manager in the race day, or just adding a line in the rFactor.exe, like here :


    Of course you need at least 2 cores ...
  18. Improved form 40 avg to 75 avg too in a race start, it goes smooth now, really an improvement
  19. so you just type in +fullproc ?
  20. Yes, with a space before the +fullproc.