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Monaco race

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by hippotastic, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Second season, renault #2 exp. Qual 6th Race 4th intermediate.

    Qualified on softs, which I do not normally do due to the pitstop bug, and got pole, just. Did this because Renault suddenly think they should be winning races. Hmm ok, so softs it is for qualiy.

    So I start the race and stay in 1st until I get to my pitstop lap 5, and got caught in the pitstop bug. Sigh, start the race again, got caught again, back of the field about 16th from pole. So this time I carry on as I am thinking what can I do? Then by lap 8 the rain started... I am on the hard tires near the back, change to inters (just read should have used wets) and get last place. Tried this a few times, getting very frustrated by seeminly having no chance of finishing anywhere near the front through no fault of mine.

    Then an idea struck. I started on pole, changed tires from soft to soft on lap 3 and avoided the pitstop bug, changed to inters lap 8 just as the rain started, a bit early and avoided the pitstop bug, and managed finished 5th from 9th after the stops. Well happy. I remembered you do not need to use both compounds in a wet race, and took two sets of softs to go as fast (not very) as I could before my one stop for wet tires.

    The things you got to do to get a result eh? And the saisfaction of figuring out something that worked, and then doing it was great.

    Saying all that, on a personal note of dismay, I have read a lot of the forum posts these past few days, with a few notables slagging off CM for faults and problems in F1 2010. If i remember rightly, they got the nod late for this game, as others have confirmed it never really got finished, and I think the product is flawed but is a brilliant game. How much does a film cost for 90 minutes of entertainment? I think this has been great value for the hours I am getting out of it and I for one cannot wait to see 2011, the game they probably wanted 2010 to be I am sure. Now if I could only get into Dirt3....
  2. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    If you knew you were gonna need inters or wets by lap 8 why not come in for them on lap 6 or 7 that would have cost you one less pitstop.
  3. Not sure my tires would have lasted that long? Started on soft, and I took quite a bit out of them in qualifying to get the pole time. By lap 3 they were going yellow. By lap 5 they were really slippy with the rain just starting then. But I am learning each race something new....