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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Leon Blake, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. hi people, rite i started my career at sauber and i think the car is alright i've won 2 races (Bahrain,Melbourne) and had top 10 finishes up intil spain ( im 3rd in the chanpionship 68 points.) Now after battling, defending and some real dick dastardly manouvers at catalunya (where i finished 12th:wink:im soo proud of myslef:rolleyes:) i've turfed up at monaco where i thought the pain was over, well and behold the pain continues. Now i no now that the AI at certain tracks is insane and i except until i get the patch there no use in crying about it. But i dont like to throw in the towel, but hey im at breaking point guys, the worst thing is i acually enjoy driving round the streets of monte carlo. But its looking more likely i will not be getting a repeat of my damage limitation result from spain and i refuse to finish stone-motherless-last. So here's my question, do i crash into the barriers and call it a day an move on? What will the team say a does it matter? Or do i take the pain hope afew cars drop out where i will most probably finish out of the points anyway, which rewards you with just as many points as a DNF? What happens when you get a DNF?
  2. If you feel that just racing there isn't worth it, just crash into the barriers. No difference other than not achieving your teams goals.
  3. Its not hard there. I can get pole there in a Lotus on expert!
  4. Is that with tire and fuel sim turned on or off?
  5. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    In Expert mode, both fuel and tyre sim are on as default.
  6. I find that very hard to believe mate too be honest,, but of course i love to be proven wrong:rolleyes:
  7. Lol just look at Steve Stoop's videos of his career on season 1 in a Lotus ;). Bit of advertising there for you! :p
  8. wow pole position at monte carlo in a lotus, thats impressive! So what you doing playing racing simulation games? You should be out there doing the real thing!
  9. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Monaco more than any other track needs mega practice. (pardon me if my assumption is incorrect that you have less than 200 laps at Monaco).
    You can use GP mode. Put on some primes and do 25 laps at a time.
    What is your quali lap PB on Options?
  10. 1:18:360is my best time round monaco on options(it got me 6th on the grip for the race) its not quali that i find the problem, its in the race. Even if i drive smooth and consistant im doing low 1:21s while the AI is steadily doing quali times(1:18s), so im holding up the field. I do no my way around monaco and have done more than if not close to 200 laps. Any suggestions @David?
  11. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Thats a pretty good time for a career year 1 car in my view. So I don't think I'm in a position to offer you much racing advice. We raced there online last Sunday and my PB is 1.16.7 but of course the career yr 1 car is slower than an online car (we think they are equal to Redbull in GP mode).The career car will be quicker in season 2 and again 3 of course.
    You mentioned "Dick Dastardly moves" in Spain where AI Speed (in sector 2) is mostly a pain.
    Have you tried starting on Primes. If you can quali ok and jump some on lap 1 (4-5 passes is possible as they queue for St Devote, Mirabeau and Loews) you can then hopefully try to keep some at bay on your options stint.

    I suppose there is also the bigger career picture which is if winning Monaco in Yr1 in career happens it sort of takes the pleasure away from an eventual (realistic) Monaco win later in yr career no?
    PS Steve Stoops latest career vid is Monaco and is up on youtube. Search under "Cadmuss f1 2010"
  12. use web's setup. got to settings section or track guide section made by stoop, webber posted his set there.
    im on my 1st season on sauber. all assist off. pb low 1.16ish lucky lap. but then again web's setup pace is 1.16-1.17ish.

    Did long weekend settings for my first season. why long weekend?..learning purposes made possible by track guides.
    Monaco Practice 1 pb1.20's + broken wing every lap
    Practice 2 pb 1.18
    Practice 4 pb 1.16 x1 but mostly 1.17
    Quali -5 grid penalty given to me during practice. crashed in q3 so i started 15th.
    Race: tomorrow :) i can win this...

    study Steve Stoops track guide and setup from Viktor and have fun with m8.
    believe me it works man. i won Spain by being 18 sec ahead of 2nd place car 30%distance.
    started with options and did as much laps as possible, maximum to the limit driving for 15 ish laps build a huge gap 1 sec per lap. all assist turned off.

    how do i set the settings for tire and fuel sim?

    expert mode its OFF but can i modify those settings in custom hard settings?
  13. Drive the widest car you can, you should be fine, a nice lunge into st devote should help and if your still behind as you go downhill after casino sq keep right as the AI all brake heavily into the hairpin section, hope that helps!!
  14. yea ai is nowhere near as bonkers on Monaco as they are on Catalunya. I did indeed win it on season 1 with a Lotus on expert fairly easily. Just missed out on pole by a few thousands though with a 1.17.166:( Here's the vid with track guide

    here's my season 2 vid with an improved season 2 Lotus using the ai mod to make 'em faster, best quali time in Q2: 1.15.683. Won't give away the result just yet as it's a new vid and wouldn' want to spoil it for anyone

    and here's an online 50% league race in Monaco

    hope it helps and convinces you it's not the ai that's the reason for your Monaco struggles, it's all down to practice and skill.

    on expert tire and fuel sim is on. IF you want to customize difficulty settings just go into the trailer and before clicking continue to go to the next track, scroll down and adjust whatever you want for assists, sims,...
  15. You need to practice a lot!!! there's no way you can stay competitive in monaco doing 1.2x.xx... for 78 laps. what you need is: practice in GP or career mode until you can do a hundred laps without toching the rail... then you'll do the same 100 laps but staying in the 1.18xx-1.19.xx and theeeen you can do the set up for you to be around 1.16.xxx - 1.17.xxx every lap... in primes... wiht heavy rain... in traffic... behind a wall of water spray... while playing angry birds in your iphone... nailing 3 stars in every stage...
  16. I do a 1:16 using a McLaren
  17. Seconded.
  18. OMG STEVE LOL righ tb4 the start " you need to concentrate like an autistic kid watching matches fall" or something like that...that was FUNNY omg im pissing myself...and yes u can take ur hat off to me I've done a 100% MOnaco twice before remembering to download the RDDev Autosave FIX lol.