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Monaco Lap Record ! :D

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Diego Lopez, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Yes im goign to seize the moment. Monaco Dry #1 Global Spot...had same set up as 2010. It does get bouncy in the middle sector though. Will not be surprised if someone gets it under a minute...hacks most likely, but nonetheless i dont understimate any RD member :tongue:


    Belive me having over 480 Hours (check my steam stats: Diego06) in F1 2010 on expert and online doesnt equal F1 2011. For those that were ranting about not being a sim, its gonna kick you real hard. I can do Monaco, Singapore, Hungary, you name it non stop til my eyes bleed and I suffer from a blood clot for not gettin up. I can do rain, matter fact beaten some of our great RD competitors track times....i say again some not everyone. Im still a nub belive me. My hats off to you if u can do better but honestly its goign to take me a full weekend to get as good as F1 2010....I kept spinning in Melbourne on the fast corners.
  2. Oli Peacock

    Oli Peacock
    Sim Racer

    WHY CODEMASTERS? why do u realise it on Friday in the UK?
  3. I feel you man, They said September 19 here in the US....yet they release it @ 11pm...i was hoping for a 9am release...its ok, career is the best part of the game so far. Il make a video in a lil bit.
  4. people that got it on steam can simply use a US vpn, encrypt it and put steam into offline mode.
    then you can atleast play offline even before the UK release.
  5. Anyone tried that?

    I thought that sort of regional security worked off the location of your shipping address when purchased, rather than the 'location' your PC is in?
  6. worth a try, I got Deus EX:HR early that way. Used an US vpn.
  7. you can try that with Steam. But GFWL might hold you back though. Dont know it worked right of the start for me when it got released within seconds on steam. You can unlock it on steam, then again GFWL might not let you in. if it does let me know.
  8. Hmm, we all know what happened when you played 2010 in offline mode - it never really went back online - so I think I shall wait. Be interested to know if anyone does get it running tho.
  9. Don´t blame... I don´t even know when can i get it on Mexico....
  10. Nice lap record but that will get smashed, enjoy the Famous slot for now :)

    i notice you have Assists on so that doesn't count :p try it without anyone :D