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Monaco DQs

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by pecty, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. So I am on my first year with Virgin and not doing too bad, beating out Lucas, hitting objectives, usually finishing best of the 3 new teams, sometimes I can climb a bit more (thanks to some of the setups posted here :D )

    Well, Monaco rolled around and I know its a tight course, but I am getting knocked around by the AI like a 2 dollar hooker. Hipchecked, run into, spun, you name it. Granted I am in the lower middle of the pack, 15th-ish. But I am getting DQed when I get spun, this has happened about 3 times now. Last time I think it was Kobayashi (was a Sauber when I watched the replay) who pretty much pit maneuvered me like he was taking down street racer in Need for Speed. I went flying round and round, then the warnings started coming across the top of the screen one after another, corner cutting, illegal blocking, again and again until it DQd me for multiple incidents. Another time I tried resetting to track to try not get penalties for blocking, but I still got them and got DQd as the other cars drove through my ghost. All the other courses I ran I never saw this (spun and went off a bunch of times on the previous races).

    Not sure what is going on, thinking of turning off penalties and damage just to get through this one. Wondering if anyone else had something similar happen.

  2. Oh yes indeed :D reading that made me smile :D (Laugh actually) I think Monaco is the worst track for this and grrrr I dislike it immensely. So I feel and share your pain of this track and my advice about Monaco as always, skip it :D. Not constructive I know but I am concerned for your sanity, as I was my own when Monaco loomed upon the horizon as it still does and is about to :eek: :D
  3. I love Monaco, and yes its one of the more fustrating tracks but the key is to get out in front from qualy, hard i know in first season. I sometimes pit early to make sure i come out with a clear track, problem with that is if your driving with no assists including tyres and fuel on, you might have to make a second pit but at least you can put the stickys back on if its dry.

    Remember consistancy is the key and its hard for the AI to overtake as it is in the real world so defend and just keep it steady. they all have to pit so timing is the key. i often start on the reverse tyre selection just becareful though as with added weight of fuel and the tryes arnt as good at the options they need a few laps to work in. Yes they will pass you but being able to stay out for 90% of the race sometimes helps, also drive consistant and dont try and break any records, any finish is better than a Diss or a DNF.

    dont skip it as it will become a nightmare for you everytime, just like Silverstone hard track and quick but great when you do that 1 lap that eas clean and fast.

    I watch the onboards from F1.COM as it gives you a great view of a lap, and not the horse crap of the TT Laps, you will have to register but its worth it.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I will try going primes to start and go easy when defending. That lap view looks great thanks for the link.

    Another question, does the tire sim, as in a real race take into account rain washing away rubber that has been put down? I had rain P1, dry P2 & 3, then rain in quali for all 3 rounds.
  5. You should find Monaco in rain easier as ai are slow as hell :)
  6. Its a relief to see I'm not alone in this. :redface:; I also dislike Monaco, last 2 seasons have been DNF's for me :frown:
  7. DNF's.. I take it you guys don't use any restarts or flashbacks? Not at all??
  8. We agree to accept we dislike certain tracks so do not torture ourselves for a second time in a row :D hence a DNF is acceptable :D Flash back's are just torturous re-enactments of what you really dislike, they also make the AI do weird thing's because they changed their mind after you flash back and readjust and a restart, going back to hell all over again :D