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Momo 2 good home

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Jeremy Loveland, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Hey all , after alot of thinking ive decided to give away my logitech MOMO wheel as its been sitting in my closset for about 2 years without any use.
    Total cost to the lucky person? Just postage, so whatever it costs to get it to you.
    what you will get for this unbelievable price?

    A fully working Logitech momo racing wheel with all the standard fetures (pedals, power cable etc.) and ill even throw in a copy of toca racedriver 2 (never been used or registered).

    How can i get this great offer?
    first off as the power adapter is australian it would probably be best if you lived in australia!
    also i figured it might help someone without the money to get started in simracing a chance to give it a try and get into it.
    So if your interested in this offer just post your intrest bellow and ill pick someone to give it to in the next week or so.

    Also to give an idea on postage i live in bendigo, victoria so if you also live in that area a simple pickup maybe the easiest option!

    What should i say in my intrest post?

    just basicly why you want the wheel, how you would benifit from it and what experiance or intrest you have in the sim racing world!

    and hopfully this wheel will help get someone outhere into the sim racing world as it did me.
    cheers guys and ill post up some picks and parcel wieght etc later tonight or tomorow to give you a better idea on postage costs to you.
  2. Nice Jeremy. Love ya work Mate.
  3. Ok guys so here is some photo's of the wheel etc.

    SDC10904.JPG SDC10907.JPG

    as you can see all fine and even includes original large clamp for thicker tables!!!!
    tested it earlyer and all still works perfectly so will be a good wheel for anyone starting out.

    also guys maybe you have a kid that wants to join in with racing and could use this wheel??
    or maybe you would like it for a mod project???
    im open to anyone who might be interested otherwise its only going to get thrown out!
  4. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Momo's were great wheels. Hope you find a nice home for it as throwing out a perfectly good wheel is such a waste. I would ask for it, but I have a perfectly good wheel and the cost to get yours would be prohibitive as I live in the US. :)
  5. You should add it as a prize to the Competitions. It would make a great choice.
  6. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    As Evan said, you could consider adding it as a prize HERE
  7. Its an idea, but i dont realy want to hold onto it for a year or so for someone to pick it up/win it.
    and i dont think many people will choose a prize they will have to pay to have it shipped to them.
  8. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    At least you considered it :)
  9. Derek Speare

    Derek Speare
    DSD FTW!

    It's great to do this, Jeremy! I have a momo and I love it. I've had to make a a repair to the paddle shifter and I have also done some lubing and tightening to it, but it's good to go. It's a perfect first wheel, and I;m not giving up mine until it's completely dead.
  10. If you were in the UK, I'd go for this! But sadly you aren't :(
  11. ok guys latest update, shipping weight is about 6Kg so if you want to work out shipping costs simply go to http://auspost.com.au/index.html an go through the steps in the postage calculator to figure out postage, o and for parcel size just put the minimum in, and its coming from post code 3551.

    however if you would rather go through couriers i can souce some prices for you but you will have to PM me.

  12. I'd be interested, jeremy. Then I can use the older Momo I have here as parts and tester mule.

    I only live in Shepparton, to so I'm only an hour or so away. PM me and I'll have my people talk to your people :)
  13. well thats it, the wheel has found a new home!

    Hope you enjoy it Paul.
  14. Works a treat, thanks Jeremy :D