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Mods not playable

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by tweaq, May 25, 2015.

  1. Ive installed a few mods from xtremefactor but i cant get all of them to come up in game. The historx gt mod is one, extracted it to gsc root directory as per instructions and all appears in the right place, but in game the cars do not come up at all even when selecting all cars and tracks. Some mods did work but a few others have done exactly the same thing. Am i missing something or what can i do? Any help would be appreciated!

    EDIT - Actually they are working but just not appearing in all cars and tracks, is there any way i can get them to appear there?
  2. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri
    Premium Member

    If a car is not appearing in the All Cars and Tracks section, I believe it is because the rfm code for the car (in this case historx) is not added to the rfm for All Cars and Tracks.

    I am at work so its hard to double check this and give you the right information but I believe this is the reason why you are not seeing them in All Cars and Tracks.
  3. Warren is right. Not on All Cars, because it has its own section of RFM.

    If you have several installed mods and all appear in section All Cars, the game slows down considerably when choosing car.
  4. I have deleted my post.
    Wrote something before thinking it through......
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  5. I installed a couple of mods last night ("Can-Am 1966-1974" and "Lotus 2-Eleven") found at http://avesporte.weebly.com/prototype.html, but for whatever reason neither of these two mods showed up in game. Anyone ever tried these? Just curious if it's something I did or the mods themselves.
  6. hex


    Those are available via "All Tracks and Vehicles" as they don't have their own .rFm files, I presume.
  7. Thanks, hex. You were right, I found both mods playable by going through "All Tracks and Vehicles".