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Mods for/by CloudSport free to download?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Sven Hielscher, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Hey there!

    Just saw these mods for/by CloudSport (FORMULA E and Seat Leon Cup) and was wondering if I'm able to download/get these mods and tracks without registration etc.?
    I know I could just register and make the sync via their tools but I'm just interested in those mods for offline racing (I'm out of time for online events :().
    So does anyone know if I can get (legally) access to those cars and tracks?
  2. As far as I know, you have to get them via CloudSport. They have licenses for that content, so you have to go through them.
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  3. I registered there and got the content. Both: the car and the track are scripted, so do not work offline. The track simply doesn't load. The car could be loaded for playing on different track, but I could see it broken (only wheels are visible, no rim, no body).

    Online works perfectly.
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  4. I've registered as a "free" driver. I've downloaded and installed their software. But i never could enter their server.

    rF2 crashed with serveral gmt errors. + their software made my name change. :cautious:

    Uninstalled everthing + removed userdata folder + cleaned up register + rF2 fresh install + changed my name.

    The last one is tricky:

    To change your name in game, you must do:
    - windows bouton, execut, write "%appdata%".
    - you're now in Roaming folder with a .rFactor folder in. In this folder, open rFactor.name file with notepad.
    - change your name (first it's your firstname, second your lastname and last your nickname)
    - save and put the file on Read-Only, it's essential !

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  5. I was looking into this but given what the content is, found it not to be worth the hassle of a third-party software going into my rF2 folder and having permission to mess with everything. It's understandable how they want to protect their content but I'm not going to be driving like crazy to go to Las Vegas. It's only SEAT Cup and Formula E, after all.
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  6. OK...so I will simply skip it. I really thought this mods could spice up my rF2 experience...but seems it's not worth the effort!

    Thank you all for your feedback! :thumbsup: