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Modmates WRC 3 Reality graphics

Discussion in 'WRC 4 The Game' started by Kai Lohmann, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Modmates WRC 3 Reality graphics 1.1
    FXAA Injector setup for the latest part of the WRC series.

    -completely redone setup without technicolour and less sharpening effect

    -Better colours, HDR and reflections
    -Stable 60FPS without any drops on Nvidia Gtx 570 phantom

    v 1.0

    -Get rid of the greenish screen
    -More contrast, extra sharpening and many more


    Just put all files in your WRC 3 main folder.
    If you dont like it just delete the files!




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  2. Thanks very much, looks great! Can I just drop the files, and that's it??
  3. Video added to first post.;)

    dont mind of the FPS, it was recorded with fraps. INgame it got flwless 60fps on my Gtx 570.
  4. Yes, just put them into your WRC 3 main folder, no need to overwrite anything.;)
  5. Thanks, sorry but Iám a bit confused about the P button, it's allready in use??
    Thanks for your support...............Appie.
  6. Usually no, just press Pause/break while ingame to enable/disable the effect.
    And set your ingame AA to level 1 not 2.;)
  7. Wow looks nice! Great to see this game getting some love from the mod community, can't wait to see where they take it. Just look at RBR after all these years. :)

    No FPS hit with the mod?
  8. very good!!
    Patrick, the FXAA inj normally get about a 12% FPS hit using it on battlefield 3, but it does allow for ingame AA to be turned off, so its swings and round abouts. set FXAA to low in 'ini' and enjoy the colour correction with minimal FPS hit. hope this helps :)
  9. Interesting mod, however I like the default contrast and colors a LOT more. This mod knocks all the subtle tones out of the game and the contrast is way too much imho. Nice try though! And easy to uninstall, so no problems here. ;)
  10. toweleeie

    There is no ini to change mate, that not the enb series. also i said set ingame AA to level 1 to get the best image and performance. I got a fps hit of 5-8 max.

    @ jan
    It doesnt knock out the subtle tones, it knocks out the false green luma wich is a big fail AGAIN in the wrc series. And what you call contrast is the pre shapen filters ive added.;)
  11. Ah, well, I guess this is all very subjective because when I turn off the effect I see a lot of subtle colors reappearing again. And detail in the colors/textures (which were hidden in all the black spots). The game is already quite 'hard', specially in the warmer countries, and with this injector things get even more contrast. I do see things get a lot sharper too, but again, at the cost of soft tones, so it seems. And I don't see a false green luma btw... Apart from being subjective I suppose it also depends on your monitor settings...?

    Anyway, it's really nice to have options! :) That's the great thing about gaming on the PC: how you can mod things! ;)
  12. Good try, but the contrast is too much in this case. Also Pause/Break key ingame doesn't work for me.
  13. Same here!!
  14. I will do another version soon, but seriously its not the contrast..:D
  15. I only have a problem with the P/button on my G25, it does not work for your Mod! Thanks.
    It only stops the game.
  16. slows the load times of the stages took it back out
  17. You need to press pause/break not P.
  18. Not possible , it doesnt affect any loading times!
  19. Thank you
  20. First, nice work modmate. ;)
    But for sure, it affects the loading times dramatically and I get a big fps hit. I really don't understand it because I've a strong system (HD 6970, AMD X6 @ 3,8GHz and good RAM).
    But maybe the game is more created for the combination Nvidia and Intel-Processors. During playing I get every time big fps drops at driving full rallyes (esp. Argentina, New Zealand or Greece). At the first two stages all is good (around 60 FPS) but after stage three it getting lower and lower to the last stage (60 -> 40). I'am disappointed about it.

    Maybe VRAM is full, AntiVir conflict with WRC3.exe, AMD 12.9 Beta Driver is too slow ....
    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.