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Modmates WRC 3 Reality graphics FINAL

Discussion in 'WRC 4 The Game' started by Kai Lohmann, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Modmates WRC 3 Reality graphics FINAL
    FXAA Injector setup for the latest part of the WRC series.

    V. 1.2 FINAL
    -Many Tweaks to get the best looks in snow and dirt
    -Changed HDR profile
    V 1.1
    -completely redone setup without technicolour and less sharpening effect

    -completely redone setup without technicolour and less sharpening effect
    -Better colours, HDR and reflections
    -Stable 60FPS without any drops on Nvidia Gtx 570 phantom

    v 1.0
    -Get rid of the greenish screen
    -More contrast, extra sharpening and many more
    Screenshots and discussion:

    Just put all files in your WRC 3 main folder.
    If you dont like it just delete the files!

    Modmates WRC 3 Reality graphics FINAL
  2. was really keen to try this mod as it looks awesome so i downloaded the latest version yesterday. placed the files in my WRC3 folder and unfortunately the game wouldn't start. kept getting an error message saying "WRC3 has stopped working."

    deleted all the files, started the game, and now it works fine :O_o:

    anyone got any idea what's causing this with the mod files in there? running Win 7 64-bit Professional.
  3. +1 - Having the same problem, running EC SIM's physics mod and was looking for a tad better graphics but WRC 3 wouldnt start with this mod.
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  4. cool thanks mate, gonna give it a go tomorrow! :)
  5. Now this mod is great!! Not to dark and very very sharp!! Great work, Thank You!!
  6. download please?????
  7. where can i download this mod the links don't work
  8. Could you tweak WRC 4 as well? Thanks