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Modmates Ftruck Reality FX v.1

Discussion in 'Formula Truck Mods' started by Kai Lohmann, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    After having alot of Fun with this great game even in this early stage i decide to give the graphics a little makeover and added my personal sweet fx settings and share with you. Hope you like it! ;)

    Look at the Fullscreen screenshots to get an idea of the effect, its way more effective ingame then on those screens though. Look at the Tarmac/track/shadows or just give it a try.:)

    I also forced 16xCSAA and 4xSGSSA within Nvidia Inspector and disabled the ingame AA. Thats not needed, just my test setup.DL on the bottom!


    Read the included Readme for installation instructions.


    Reality FX v.1

    Nvidia INspector Profile

    Greets Kai aka Modmate
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  2. Gopher04

    Old But Not Obsolete Premium

    Hi have you made a profile for inspector? if so anychance of sharing please?
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  3. martinsalat


    i cant use trackmap and sweetfx.
  4. Very bealt. thanks.
    Works on GSC2012 to?
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  5. Hey,

    Glad you like it, and sure it will work on GSC2012 too.;)

  6. Congrats and thanks for reply.
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  7. Gopher04

    Old But Not Obsolete Premium

    Cheers Kai..
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  8. Looks good but it is not working for me. There is not any difference in game. I can confirm it by pressing the scrool lock key to activate/deactivate the effect. Using GTX 680SLI with triple monitors and Windows 7.
  9. Hey bud, certainly appreciate your efforts.However on my system, I lost over 100 FPS. I tested on Interlagos. Sitting in garage, my FPS is normally around 280. With your mod, went down to 170. Corresponding FPS loses over the entire track. Too bad, looked sweet.

    Core i7 950 @ 3.84 GHz, AMD 7970, triple 24s.
  10. which is the scroll button to activate the mod?
  11. The scroll lock key. The readme says the scroll down key but trying it out it's actually the scroll lock key (should say scroll lock on it)
  12. lol I was scrolling down on my mouse wheel thinking nothing is happening.
  13. Hi,

    well, without Vsync i do loss about 20% but i usually play with vsync enabled, properly setup it just is more smooth on my big tv.

    Greets Kai
  14. It looks great on my setup, thanks for this Kai :thumbsup:
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  15. I installed this MOD, Game then wouldnt start and had to re-install it.
  16. Sorry to hear that but i can tell you 100% that has nothing todo with this GFX add, it doesnt affect any gamefiles at all. Its like any injector out there and like all the ones i did before , they never went into such. And also you can just delete the files from the ftruck folder and its back to original state.

    Greets Kai
  17. Gopher04

    Old But Not Obsolete Premium

    The only problem i have found is that using it stops the mini track from appearing, and its the d3d9.dll that causes it, and you can't use the orignal as it doesn't allow the intector to work, any solution?
  18. Wow Very nice stuff. Love the Sweet look :)
  19. Hi
    Your mod looks good, will need to give it a try.
    I've not used inspector, but I applied 32xcsaa and 8xsupersampling from the Nvidia manager and it plays and looks like a dream (GTX Titan).
    Just curious, which is better in your opinion, inspector or Nvidia manager.?